Your carbon footprint: how do you calculate the environmental impact of your shipment?

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The concept of a carbon footprint is a complex calculation that sees what greenhouse gases (GHG) our actions emit, which allows us to study ways to make sustainable transports with lower environmental impact. The concept is based on different international regulations such as PAS 2050:2011 or ISO/TS 14067:2013, but in simple terms: the more gases emitted for a product to get from point A to point B, the greater its carbon footprint.
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How tracking works for a shipment

By | Company, Shipping | One Comment immediacy is the word to describe everything. Information is power and it’s fast in the digital era. This is why tracking has become essential. Transport companies keep monitoring all shipments. But sometimes people think we forgot about their service. They wonder why there’s a big gap between some tracking updates. Today we explain how it works and why that happens.
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Moving with furniture, sure you want to ship it?

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At LA LUNA shipping® we like to offer shipping services for anything you need. But sometimes we can’t offer certain shipments because of what has to be moved, like the furniture. For example, there are many banned items for shipping (link in Spanish) and others that require very special conditions, and even sometimes we can’t reach certain countries. We always look for a solution, but there’s a certain kind of shipments that we don’t do because of the following reasons…
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No dejes tus envíos en malas manos

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responsabilidad-garantías-envios-transporte-profesionalidad-la-luna-shipping-confianzaA priori podría parecer que el transporte es algo sencillo, ya que solo se trata de recoger en un punto A, y transportarlo hasta que se entrega en un punto B. Sin embargo, el transporte y la logística con garantías y con una gestión adecuada, son como tantas otras cosas de la vida: solo se echan de menos cuando faltan.

Hoy en día, como consumidores podemos elegir contar con todas las garantías, pero el mercado también pone a nuestra disposición alternativas que, terminan resultando una amenaza para nuestros derechos como consumidores. Veamos qué riesgos corre un envío en las manos inadecuadas. Read More

The horror of hidden import expenses

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la-luna-shipping-gastos-importacion-ocultos-realidad-partner-socio-gestion-integral-responsabilidadSurely more than one company has heard about ghost stories in custom houses about hidden expenses in import and export. Actually, there is nothing to fear about that because there are no hidden costs but ignored ones. If, from an economic point of view, import or export makes sense for you company, doing so is only a matter of taking into account all the posibilites and having good information either internally or externally.

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Exporting outside EU is easy

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exportar-exportacion-export-international-internacional-fuera-out-ue-eu-european-union-01Are you thinking about exporting outside the European Union?

European Union treaties grant free circulation of most goods inside member countries borders. For practical purposes, this is like if there were no borders between member states, which makes it easier and quicker for international trade and transportation. This may be the reason behind the appearance of complication that lies in exportations outside the EU area, because every shipment and every country must be considered differently. This are some of the issues you must pay attention to when thinking about exporting outside the European Union. Read More

Packaging for distribution of Crowdfunding Projects

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crowdfunding-packagingYes, we already spoke a little bit about packaging for Crowdfunding projects in our first blog post about Crowdfunding. But we’ve always considered important to dig deeper into each topic so everything is crystal clear. The best way to give advice is not only say it, is to argue it. Throughout these years in the blog we have given special importance to packaging nad wrapping. So, if you’re preparing a crowdfunding project, keep reading and we will help you reach your backers with their deserved rewards in perfect conditions.
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International Crowdfunding Logistics: preparing your distribution

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logistica-internacional-crowdfundingYou have succeeded in your campaign of Crowdfunding and have prepared the articles so that they reach your patrons around the world and stores that you’ve closed distribution agreements. In other words, you’re going to begin your product distribution and you precise international crowdfunding logistics services for your project.

Before delivering your product all over the world, we are going to give a series of recommendations and advice that will be useful to make this international crowdfunding logistics a success.
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Globalizing your company: keep shipments in mind

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Globalizing your company is as exciting as it is confusing and complex.

There are many emerging doubts about the process, ones that should be answered, whether about production, communication or, in our case, logistics and distribution.

At LA LUNA shipping® we have worked with relevant internationalization projects. For example, we collaborate in the initial distribution and later in the sales logistics of Riot Cinema Collective’s “El Cosmonaut” and on the other with Studio Banana Things® distributing worldwide its successful and strange “Ostrich Pillow®”

If you want to know how they were able to logically manage their success, keep reading:

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