LA LUNA shipping® is a shipping company that works worldwide managing all kind of shipments and transport services. An envelope or a container, local shipments, air cargo, trucks, sea shipping all over the world.

We make the difference with our personalized service, committed to provide high quality services and outstanding customer service. Forget about machines and call centers we are real people at work.

We design each transport operation specifically to your needs with a customized project. Quality and service are supported by 25 years of broad experience in the transport sector.

international shipments

We manage all kinds of international shipments, courier express air services or freight, maritime and land transport, effectively, safely and economically.

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national shipments

All your documents, parcels or cargo shipments from any point to any point of Spain always on time.

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logistics & warehouses

Our warehouses are ready to store your goods, and if necessary, we can perform different tasks.

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customs agency services

Integrated customs management coordinated with the international transport under a single point of contact.

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transport insurance

The transport insurance is the right way to protect your cargo during the journey.

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