Shipping Handbook: Protecting Fragile Items


We keep on talking about the preparation of a shipment in our Shipping Handbook. Although we are already have posted about preparing the boxes and suitcases, there is always stuff to be better explained in detail. So we want to give special relevance to what is the step that requires most care: preparing a shipment with fragile objects.


Shipping Handbook: Packaging and protection


Last week we started our Shipping Handbook explaining in detail the first step: requesting a quotation.

Now it’s time for the next step of preparation: the packaging. Before asking for a pickup, you must follow these recommendations in order to make sure that the shipment arrives in the best condition. These are instructions easy to follow.


Shipping Handbook: The Quotation Request


Our customers always ask a lot of questions about handling a shipment that we have to answer. All this doubts are very common and we like to clear them, as we understand that our services are used very few times by individual customers.

So we decided to stand in front of our classroom blackboard (in this blog) and give you all the tips and recommendations to make your shipments an easy task. We want to give further information than the one that we offer in our website about FAQ. Today we start at the first step: Requesting a Quotation.


Shipping to USA


Shipping to USA with some tips that may be in other posts, but here you'll find what you frequently ask. We wish that this tips about shipping to USA are useful for all the readers.


Globalizing your company (III): The importance of packaging

embalaje-paquete-embalado-distribucion-global-internacional-distribution-packaging-package-wrapping-logistics-destacadoYes, we already spoke a little about packaging for international distribution projects in our first blog post about globalizing your company. But we've always considered important to dig deeper into each topic, so everything is crystal clear. The best way to give advice is not only say it, is to argue it. Throughout these years in the blog we have given special importance to packaging and wrapping. So, if you're preparing your business to start importing and exporting its products, keep reading and we will help you reach your target customers.

Globalizing your company (I): keep shipments in mind

importar-exportar-tramites-aduanas-planificacion-plan-comercio-internacional-asesoramiento-consejos-asesor-international-trade-global-export-import-advice-customs-formalities-procedures-DESTACADOGlobalizing your company is as exciting as it is confusing and complex.

There are many emerging doubts about the process, ones that should be answered, whether about production, communication or, in our case, logistics and distribution.

At LA LUNA shipping® we have worked with relevant internationalization projects. For example, we collaborate in the initial distribution and later in the sales logistics of Riot Cinema Collective's "El Cosmonaut" and on the other with Studio Banana Things® distributing worldwide its successful and strange "Ostrich Pillow®"

If you want to know how they were able to logically manage their success, keep reading:


When the courier knocks at your door...


We have already spoken about the previous steps to ship your documents or packages. We also wrote a couple of special posts: sending suitcases and protecting your fragile items. Now that you have properly requested a quotation and after wrapping and protecting your fragile items, the most awaited moment arrives, the pick up. It is one of the most important processes in shipments so you must consider a few tips to make this quick and efficient.