logotipo oficial de LA LUNA shipping desde 1995

About Us

logotipo oficial de LA LUNA shipping desde 1995

Since 1995

In 1995 we started delivering mail and parcels in Gijón and Oviedo riding our bicycles, "Bicimensajeros La Luna" was born, one of the first ecological courier services by bicycle in Spain.

Nowadays, we are proud of our wide range of express courier services and domestic and international transport services that complement each other and provide local, domestic and international transport services to any business.


Ana Pérez

Ignacio Menéndez

Joaquín Menéndez

Ramón Fernández

Nuria Rabasa

Marta Méndez

Pablo Aguiloche

Víctor Aldana



Business kick-off

Bicimensajeros La Luna

Bicimensajeros La Luna starts its courier services in Gijón and Oviedo. The first domestic shipment is carried out to Barcelona and the first international delivery to Oporto.

We organise a championship

New services and branding

By acquiring a "BoB" trailer, we started bicycle parcel delivery services and signed a cooperation agreement with TNT Worldwide Express to enhance our international express courier services. We updated our logo and corporate image. And we organized in Gijón the IV European Cycle Messenger Championship, ECMC99.

First air freight

Business expansion

We expanded our local, domestic and international courier and parcel services with freight, including our first Air Freight consignment from Gijón to Fort Worth (USA) containing a 75 kg sculpture.

A decade of shipping

10th anniversary

We celebrated our 10th anniversary by expanding our services with a second BoB trailer to minimise van usage, managing Gijón City Council's courier services. We managed our largest intercontinental air freight, a 180kg load from Barcelona to Dhaka (Bangladesh).

Expanding to the Far East

International Office in Barcelona

Expanded and improved services in Asia thanks to our agents in Singapore and Hong Kong, we opened an International Shipping Management Point in Barcelona, where we received our first sea freight import from San Francisco.

The last relocation

Leaders in Gijón

We opened our new office at Calle Teodoro Cuesta 12 in Gijón, our current headquarters. We adjusted our opening hours to improve family conciliation and to improve the management of deliveries in central hours. Furthermore, we attended the Social Economy Fair 2008 in Gijón, handled logistics management for Gijón Ambassadors Award 2008 and carried out our first sea freight export from Gijón Port.

International expansion continues

Barcelona establishment

Increased collaboration and presence in Barcelona, as shown by co-organizing the II Iberian Bicimensajeros Championship at the Forum of Barcelona. Our international expansion keeps on with a new broker in Morocco.

A surprising distribution

Expansion and new projects

During the International Cooperative Year we started expanding our services in the United States and Asia with new brokers in New York and Hong Kong. We exclusively distribute Ostrich Pillow worldwide. And we participated in the first meeting of the European Federation of Cycle Logistics.

We recruit brokers all over the world

Global coverage guaranteed

Agents in major cities around the world: New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Melbourne. We won the courier contract for A Coruña City Council's Urban Planning Department.

Resilience and adaptability

The year of the pandemic

Coronavirus spreads beyond China's borders and is declared a global pandemic that affects worldwide operations. National Spain tv channel has a special piece about us as a leader in labour rights, and we boost all of our services to and from Israel.
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