It’s gonna fly! Air cargo for your shipments

la-luna-shipping-laluna-coop-transporte-internacional-carga-air-cargo-maritimo-aereo-terrestre-freight-sea-air-land-carga-aérea-airfreight-cargo-featureAir cargo is often related to speed, and it’s true as cargo via plane is the fastest possible means of international transport, especially over long distances. But chartering goods on flights is also convenient for specific products or economic reasons.

Air freight is very fast and it is safer and more reliable than sea freight. It is perfect for urgent shipments, as well as for goods of great value. For example, it small shipments are cheaper by air than by sea. Let's find out why:

Air cargo, specific aircraft or passenger routes?

Air cargo can be done on specific cargo aircrafts or by taking advantage of passenger routes. Obviously in airplanes with passage there are more limitations, especially height restrictions and with dangerous goods.

In a passenger aircraft, the cargo is much more limited since there is less space available for it. There’s a maximum height per package of 1.60m. However, there are plenty of options, since there are more passenger lines than air cargo routes.

Besides, cargo aircraft can handle loads up to 3m height. There is special aircraft, such as the - still unique in the world - Antonov An-225 where weights and measures of its shipments can vary. In fact, this airplane once handled over 180,000kg of cargo!

Safer and faster, but... what about the price?

For goods of great value, we recommend air cargo since it's objectively faster, offers more guarantees and is guarded throughout the whole process. Although the price is higher, for these types of goods it makes sense to pay more.

Air cargo is not always more expensive; in smaller cargo shipments, it can be cheaper than groupage or maritime cargo. Obviously, land cargo options are cheaper, but in small transoceanic loads air cargo is the most economic option. Maritime transport requires a minimum load of 1 m3 or 1000 kilos. Because of this, when the shipment does not reach this weight or volume, air cargo is an option that must always be valued. Shipping is never the cheapest means of transport for small or medium shipments.

Another positive aspect is that all airlines offer real-time tracking over the internet of all shipments. You only need the air waybill number (AWB) to track it on the airline's website.

carga aérea tracking seguimientoAir cargo services

We offer air freight services on board of aircraft holdings that perform regular air transport flights, on both passenger and cargo aircraft. We offer them to and from any airport in the world. Our shipments travel with the best companies: Iberia, Emirates, American or Singapore Airlines among others.

We have special services for air cargo:

When needed, we also offer refrigerated air cargo services for perishables or pharmaceuticals according to GDP's.

Ship with us and you’ll discover that we take care of everything: from pick up to delivery. Documentation, airport procedures, customs offices, insurance and even, if you need advice, international trade consulting services.

For more information on how to manage your air cargo shipments you can contact us through or by calling one of our telephone numbers.

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