Air freight to USA, speed, priority and security for your goods

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carga-aerea-a-estados-unidosAir freight to USA is one of our most important cargo services. Air transportation offers many more advantages than just speed as it is one of the most complete means of transport for goods. Read on to discover tips, details and benefits of our air cargo transportation services to the United States of America.

Why should I ask for air freight services?

Our air freight services are fast, but also safe and reliable, way more reliable than other means such as sea freight. Obviously, it is the ideal way to send priority and urgent shipments. It is also great for high value merchandise and small and medium size shipments.

The service is carried out in both cargo planes and passenger planes, in the latter there are more restrictions in terms of size and especially when shipping dangerous goods. Cargo planes allow to ship goods up to 3 meters high in very specific cases. In passenger planes the maximum height is 1.60m per package. In addition, there are more limitations on regular lines regarding the type of cargo, like dangerous goods that are much more restricted.

Air freight destinations to the United States of America

We offer transportation of goods by plane to any of USA’s main airports from Spain. We carry out our shipments using main airlines both for cargo and passenger aircrafts.

Our routes first carry the goods from their origin to the main airports for cargo in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona most of the time) from there, shipments travel to the destination airports. Main USA airports for our cargo services are New York, Miami and Los Angeles, among others.

When having to reach remote areas or smaller airports in USA, air freight companies offer their service by land from the nearest main airport to the destination airport. If the shipment is small, inland transportation in the United States is also carried out by plane.

We offer air freight services from Spain straight New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas FortWorth, among others.


In addition to the speed offered by the fastest means of transport, air freight also has many other advantages. Intercontinental flights connect Spain and USA daily from Barcelona and Madrid. This greatly facilitates all procedures and allows for greater margins of reaction.

Air freight to USA is also the safest way to ship your high-value merchandise. This is because the merchandise is monitored throughout the journey. So, although it is more expensive than shipping by sea, its price is more than justified.

And as we have mentioned before, it is not always the most expensive transport, since low volume and mass cargos are notably cheaper than sea freight that offers its prices starting at a cubic meter or 1,000 kilos. Another alternative is groupage, but they are not always so economic.

Another advantage is the ease of tracking, this makes it easy to track the shipment in real time.

Our air freight services to USA

Our services always include the whole package: from picking-up at origin to delivery at destination. So you don’t have to worry about all the details. We will guide you through the documentation, we will take care of the procedures at the airport, as well as customs clearance. Insurance is also included and, whenever you need it, advice from our international trade consulting service.

For more information or to manage your air cargo shipments to the United States, you can contact us through or by calling one of our phone numbers.

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