logotipo oficial de LA LUNA shipping desde 1995

Art works transport: from packaging to exhibition.

Shipping of works of art: sculptures, paintings, collectors' pieces to fairs, exhibitions, events, and galleries worldwide.

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    From packing to delivery

    All of our experience in shipping all kinds of works of art to and from anywhere in the world at your disposal.

    Safety and efficiency services in shipping your works of art

    Packing and protection

    Advice, monitoring, and packaging and protection making to ensure proper protection of the art work.

    Art insurance

    Art transport insurance tailored to the needs of your specific shipping requirements available.


    Customs clearance procedures for import, export and transit of works of art. Paperwork for temporary import/export, management of ATA carnets.

    Sales management of sales made at fairs overseas, among others.

    Route engineering

    The best routes from departure to destination to optimize transit time, reduce risks and guarantee that works of art reach their destination in perfect shape and on time.
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    From the workshop or the gallery

     to the collector,


    or fair.

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