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italia-01-blogItaly has been one of the Mediterranean countries that have best weathered the crisis. It’s true that its economy has always been questioned. But Italy remains a powerful country capable of attracting thousands of people with its fantastic and varied Mediterranean food, the quality of life of its cities, its history, its lifestyle and the scent of nostalgia and romance that emerges after more than a century film shot in its streets. Shipping to Italy from Spain is a very frequent service and so it deserves this post.

Italy is a republic settled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, being one of the largest empires in history that named its capital, Rome. This area that resembles a boot have been a shelter of many civilizations like the Nuraghe, the Etruscans, the Greeks and the already named Romans. The latin country is a great showcase of its own fascinating history, being the state with the largest number of World Heritage monuments, no less than 47. Although, it is recalled that Spain is right behind with 44. Taking a walk in any of its towns and cities means walking through hundreds of years of history and culture displayed with pride.

Regarding its economy and despite the crisis that affects today, Italy is still a great world power. Statistics show that their level and trade balance has always remained positive. This is due to a very strong and diverse industrial sector, mostly focused on large companies, prestigious brands and luxury. Its exportation is mostly focused on cars, motorcycles, yachts, appliances, large vessels, aerospace engineering and, of course, on bicycles, that are now gaining strength in many of its cities.


italia-02-blogItaly also has two large industries, fashion and industrial and graphic design. We cannot forget that its fantastic weather, its miles of shore and the cultural heritage that we have named before make tourism one of its major economic engines. It even has a special tourism since Rome holds inside the city-state of Vatican City, so religion is one of the reasons people visit Italy. Within its borders, Italy has another micro-state, the Most Serene Republic of San Marino.

In terms of transportation infrastructure Italy is largely decentralized, as in almost everything else. When speaking about its sea freight Italy’s major cargo ports are Genoa, Trieste, Taranto, Gioia Tauro and Augusta. It also as a great network of railways that mix between the classic rails and the new high-speed trains and over 130 airports like Rome Fiumicino/Leonardo Da Vinci and the two Milan airports: Malpensa and Linate.

All of our courier and transportation services are available from an to Italy by land transport. It is one of the most common freight overland destinations from Spain. LA LUNA shipping® offers all courier and parcel express services shipping to Italy. Also for those who can not wait, remember that we offer you a special documentation urgent courier service that guarantees next day delivery in Milan y Roma before 9:00 pm.

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