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Import and export of beverages and spirits

Complete solutions for international transport and distribution of alcoholic beverages and spirits

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    Transport services for the beverage industry

    Available at origin and destination

    Advance planning

    We plan the operation from all the necessary points of view: transport, documentation, customs and taxation.

    Logistics coordination

    From the origin warehouse to the port or airport of arrival.

    Tracking during transit and preparation for inspection and customs on arrival.

    Coordination with customs brokers

    Import and export documentation preparation of products, taxation regimes, etc.

    Domestic and international transport

    We deliver your alcoholic beverages to their domestic or international destination. Ask for our groupage and freight services.

    Tailor-made solutions

    Stock management

    We offer storage solutions, leave your alcoholic beverages in our hands and we will coordinate with your business for stock management in B2B and B2C sales.

    Order processing

    We prepare your orders as per your request, even securing each bottle individually.

    Bonded warehouse

    We receive the goods under the suspension regime, and carry out inspections, inventories, as well as the sealing and settlement of excise duties.
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    Low medium and high alcoholic beverages

    Case Study: Cultura Mezcal

    Cultura Mezcal is the leading distributor and retailer of mezcal in Spain. The main importer of this agave-based spirit with a high market value due to its limited production batches, artisanal methods and fermentation length.

    Since 2014 LA LUNA shipping partners with Cultura Mezcal offering transport solutions from Oaxaca, Mexico, to destination, including customs clearance, storage in three different warehouses, order processing with high quality secure packaging, distribution to B2B and B2C.

    En el vídeo entrevistamos a Horacio Arciniega, gerente comercial de Cultura Mezcal, que nos detalla por qué cuentan con nosotros para sus servicios de transporte de bebidas alcohólicas.

    logitpo de Cultura Mezcal
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