Black Friday and shipping before Christmas. Plan ahead on these dates

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black-friday-navidad-christmas-shipping-envios-planificar-paquetes-paqueteria-regalos-gifts-packages-courier-parcel-delivery-DESTACADOWe are in December, the month with the most shipments of the year.  A time when companies increase their consumption movements, individuals for gifts, and online stores pass the hangover of Black Friday. The increase in shipments is so large that the demand may surpass the supply of many operators. We explain how to cope with this “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  

To do this in an orderly way we will leave advice for each audience:

Christmas shipments for individuals

At this time there are 2 types of very common shipments: gifts and food. For the first we recommend you always pack with the utmost care, label correctly, and detail the directions. On the other hand, we remind you that you have to take into account the hours of the messengers, especially when there is so much work, at these times the incidents are multiplied by absence.

In respect to the food, keep in mind all the prohibitions that exist according to each country. Within Spain you can send alcoholic beverages without problems, in the EU you can send food whenever it is packaged and labeled. Outside the union, the restrictions are even greater. In such cases avoid sending any product of animal or vegetable origin.

Finally, plan with time. And remember, if you need the shipments for specific dates, always use urgent services.

Your logistics after Black Friday

Companies are already prepared to deal with these sales increase. However, if you need more, plan earlier. Remember that several dates are close to holidays (not only in Spain) and that transit times can increase in non-urgent services due to high demand.  And if there are shipments that require very specific times, always ask for urgent services or air cargo.

And of course, remember that if you need help with your shipments or your imports and exports, we are at your disposal. Ask for a quote or consult your questions through our email and do not forget to give all the details possible.  At LA LUNA shipping® we will be happy to help you with these dates, with pride and satisfaction ?.

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