Shipping to California, America's great West Coast

envios-a-california-san-francisco-los-angeles-oakland-silicon-valley-norte-mexico-tijuana-lax-sfo-shipping-to-DESTACADOOne of the most popular transportation services we offer to the United States are shipments to California. Whether it is express parcels to San Diego, freight to the port of Los Angeles and even air cargo to San Francisco, California is one of the most common places of origin and destination for LA LUNA shipping. Today we want to explain to you which are the most important logistics points in the state of California, a true locomotive for North America.

Air freight to USA, speed, priority and security for your goods

carga-aerea-a-estados-unidosAir freight to USA is one of our most important cargo services. Air transportation offers many more advantages than just speed as it is one of the most complete means of transport for goods. Read on to discover tips, details and benefits of our air cargo transportation services to the United States of America.


State of Emergency freight: Frequently Asked Questions

carga-en-estado-de-alarma-state-of-emergency-freight-cargoThere are many questions that occur these days due to the State of Emergency. Especially in the international cargo, import and export transportation sector. We will answer the most frequently asked questions about State of Emergency freight in this special post. (more…)

South Africa, the southern diamond


Every time we do some shipping to South Africa (or from this amazing country), at the tip of the African continent, many of its astonishing surprises come to our mind. This country offers a lot of jobs, it has 3 capitals and an impressive cultural variety.  (more…)

Shipping to Canada: The Giant Country


Shipping to Canada is rare although Canada appears in many rankings of socio-demographic indicators as one of the most advanced countries in the world. It feels funny because we do not know too much about this country, as it lies in the shadow of the United States. It is an attractive destination for those seeking to complete their studies or resume his career. Read on if you want to know in detail all the information you need for your shipments to Canada. (more…)

LA LUNA shipping® now in Melbourne, Australia!


One year ago we found new agents for our worldwide network in Hong Kong and New York. That was not the end of our International Expansion.

We've just returned from a very long journey, to one of the furthest places on Earth (from western Europe): Australia. We have strengthen contacts with other local transport companies by which we increase our presence in Oceania. And now we have a new agent. From his headquarters in Melbourne he will give us coverage to the whole country. (more…)

Weekly Destination: Barcelona


Over recent months we have talked about the expansion that we have been carrying out in LA LUNA  shipping® so that our services reach further destinations. Today we prefer to speak about our most common pickups and destinations.

To start we will stay at one of our logistic hubs where we manage shipments at a national and international level: Barcelona.


Weekly destination: Sydney


A few weeks ago we told you about a far far away destination. A destination on the other side of the world. This week we travel to the antipodes and we talk about Oceania's largest city, Sydney.

The great cosmopolitan center of Australia is located in the eastern area of ​​the island, in the state of New South Wales. Over 4 million inhabitants in the oldest city ofvthe former British colony.


Shipping to Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East


United Arab Emirates are known for the huge wealth they have extracted from their land. But if there is one of the emirates that shows off their fortune it is Dubai.

The small region located in the Persian Gulf has enjoyed throughout its history of being the centre of many trade routes. Some people call it "the Venice of the Gulf." It began by selling pearls to the world, but in the 60s their greatest symbol radically changed its colour: oil. But despite being a major exporter of black gold, the emirate's economy flows between construction, trade and financial services, and some tourism.

New Zealand, a far away paradise

envios-a-nueva-zelanda-carga-maritima-paqueteria-mensajeria-shipping-to-new-zealand-cargo-freight-sea-air-aerea-DESTACADOShipping to New Zealand may be the furthest corner of the world for most european shipments. In fact, if we take a look at the globe, it's right across on the other side of the Earth.

We had not made any shipments from or to Auckland until a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, by the same day we had to manage two shipments, one from Malaga to Auckland and the other one from Auckland to Barcelona. It was a very funny coincidence, and it got funnier when the shipments did not meet. The one that was coming to Spain traveled via Los Angeles and New York, while the one sent to New Zealand traveled via London and Singapore.

This shipments and the increasing number of people moving towards New Zealand provided us a great opportunity to talk about this destination. (more…)