Shippings in State of Emergency: Frequently Asked Questions  


There ar man questions that occur these days due to the State of Emergency decreed by governments all around the world: Can I send antibacterial gel from outside the EU? Are there restrictions on shipments like personal effects? Have shipping rates gone up? We will answer the most frequent in this special post. (more…)

Sea freight from Gijón's Port


You can find our principal offices in Gijón, though we also have logistics facilities in the Barcelona logistic area in the harbour. But it's from Gijón that we coordinate most of our transports that we organize to anywhere in the world. Whether its by land, sea or air, all our transports come through our office at Teodoro Cuesta st. 12, Gijón.


Shipments to and from Mexico, we expanded our services and coverage in Central America


At the end of October we made a trip to Mexico to strengthen relations with our agents. We also visited Mexican clients and importers to whom we offer our agent services in Spain. Services that appreciate when they have shipments to or from our country, since we take charge of import operations. We manage the arrival of the goods, customs clearance and delivery at the final destination. When we dispatch the export, we coordinate the loading of the merchandise with the exporter/shipper and we take care of the export customs clearance, as well as the shipping formalities either by sea or air.


Shipping to Greece, the blue land


When we think about shipping to Greece, we recall the sea, or seas, since there are so many that bathe its coastline. Its shores (yes plural) are found in the Mediterranean, but in turn the Ionian, the Aegean, the Cretan, the Libyan, and even the Adriatic seas. We call Malta the most Mediterranean country and Italy as the land of beauty. But, let's talk about the Hellenic Republic, its official name. A small nation with a lot to offer.


Your carbon footprint: how do you calculate the environmental impact of your shipment?

la-luna-shipping-transporte-internacional-impacto ambiental-huella-carbono-sostenible-contaminacion-feature

The concept of a carbon footprint is a complex calculation that sees what greenhouse gases (GHG) our actions emit, which allows us to study ways to make sustainable transports with lower environmental impact. The concept is based on different international regulations such as PAS 2050:2011 or ISO/TS 14067:2013, but in simple terms: the more gases emitted for a product to get from point A to point B, the greater its carbon footprint.

How tracking works for a shipment immediacy is the word to describe everything. Information is power and it's fast in the digital era. This is why tracking has become essential. Transport companies keep monitoring all shipments. But sometimes people think we forgot about their service. They wonder why there's a big gap between some tracking updates. Today we explain how it works and why that happens.

Why do shipping rates not show up online?

We've gotten several questions on our social networks, by email and through comments on this blog requesting a list of rates for any and all types of shipment. It's very common for someone to request an open system that calculates the price of any shipment. Today, we've decided to explain why such information isn't available. If you're curious as to why, read on.


Professional, legal, liable & guaranteed shipments: we take care of your parcels

professional-legal-liable-guaranteed-shipments-shipping-international-freight-cargo-insurance-transportation-parcel-courier-DESTACADOjpgProfessional, legal, liable & guaranteed shipments are more important than you think, as it might seem that transporting items is easy  because you pick up at point A, and transport it until it gets delivered at point B. However, the transport and logistics with guarantees and with proper management are like so many other things in life: you only miss them when they are not there.

Today, as consumers we can choose to have to all the guarantees, but the market also puts at our disposal alternatives, that end up being a threat to our rights as consumers. Let's see what risks a shipment is in the wrong hands.  (more…)

Transparency: the myth of hidden shipping costs

la-luna-shipping-gastos-importacion-ocultos-realidad-partner-socio-gestion-integral-responsabilidadSurely sometime you've heard about ghost stories in imports and exports about hidden shipping costs. Actually, there is nothing to fear about that because there are no hidden costs but ignored ones. If, from an economic point of view, import or export makes sense for you company, doing so is only a matter of taking into account all the possibilities and having good information either internally or externally.

Today we're gonna talk about some of those wrongly called hidden importation expenses or hidden shipping costs that you should always consider in your operations. (more…)

Sustainable shipments: how we do it

LA LUNA shipping transporte internacional sostenibilidad logistica bicimensajeros envíos sosteniblesThey say that, in a consumer society, every euro spent is a vote issued. The truth is that there is a lot of reason to in this statement, because with our consumption decisions we can favor the environmental or social model in which we believe.

At LA LUNA shipping® we bet clearly on the sustainability of your shipments to contribute to the conversation about our planet. Do you want to know what we do to guarantee that your shipments are sustainable as possible?  (more…)