Shipping to California, America's great West Coast

envios-a-california-san-francisco-los-angeles-oakland-silicon-valley-norte-mexico-tijuana-lax-sfo-shipping-to-DESTACADO One of the most popular transportation services we offer to the United States are shipments to California. Whether it is express parcels to San Diego, freight to the port of Los Angeles and even air cargo to San Francisco, California is one of the most common places of origin and destination for LA LUNA shipping. Today we want to explain to you which are the most important logistics points in the state of California, a true locomotive for North America.

Groupage to Canada: the best alternative to the container


Maritime groupage to Canada is the best option for shipments of a certain volume that cannot complete a container. This is a very common situation, as a shipment of large personal effects rarely exceeds the pallet. Not to mention how useful it is for small companies to test markets such as Canada to meet small or medium orders. In fact, it is a fairly common option when starting businesses abroad or preparing for trade shows.

Sea freight to the USA: everything you need to know

sea freight cargo to the USA shipping international transportation goods load loads la luna shipping DESTACADO

At La LUNA Shipping® we are experts in international and national transportation of air freight, courier, parcel and maritime transport. If in previous articles we have talked about transport by sea for individuals, this time we want to talk exclusively about sea freight to the USA.


Groupage to the USA: a profitable option for cargo


Sea groupage (LCL) is a very good option for large shipments that do not reach the full volume required by a full container (FCL). If we talk about shipments of very bulky personal effects, this is the best option as per price/taxable weight. It is also very practical for small companies to distribute goods or to test new markets, something especially interesting in a country like the United States, always open to new products. Today we are going to explain everything about groupage to the USA.


Sea freight to Israel, fast and reliable

carga-maritima-a-israel-grupaje-palet-contenedor-container-puerto-barco-seafreight-freight-cargo-pallet-destacado Sea freight to Israel is one of the many transportation services we have been offering for years. Recently and thanks to the addition of a new agent in Tel Aviv we have improved all our shipping services to the country. (more…)

Miami, Latin America capital in the USA


USA is one of the main destinations and origins of our transportation services. Whether we speak about fast delivery packages to Washington DC, sea freight to New York or air freight to Los Angeles, the United States of America is often mentioned in our office. That’s why we are going to highlight some of the destinations and origins of our most common shipping services in USA. To start, we will tell you everything about Miami, capital of Florida and the main business centre of the Latin American community in the United States. (more…)

Customs clearance in the United States of America: importing and exporting

la-luna-shipping-despacho de aduanas-estados-unidos-usa-eua-america-north-america-customs-borders-export-import-instagram When a transport service crosses a border is subject to control and taxes applied by each country through customs services. The agency in charge of customs in the United States is the CBP, that is, the Customs and Border Protection. Customs in the United States can be a remarkably simple task or can become a nightmare for the imports or exports, whether they are commercial shipments or personal effects. So, we are going to tell you how exports and imports to and from the United States work. (more…)

State of Emergency freight: Frequently Asked Questions

carga-en-estado-de-alarma-state-of-emergency-freight-cargo There are many questions that occur these days due to the State of Emergency. Especially in the international cargo, import and export transportation sector. We will answer the most frequently asked questions about State of Emergency freight in this special post. (more…)

Sea freight to Canada: everything you need to know

carga-maritima-a-canada-desde-montreal-quebec-toronto-vancouver-container-seafreight-sea-cargo-feature Canada is one of the destinations to which LA LUNA shipping® sends the most packages. As experts on the logistics of international shipping, packaging, and sea cargo, Canada is one of the destinations we work with, in addition to the United States. We recently talked about sea shipments to the United States, and now we want to answer any doubts you might have about sea freight to Canada. (more…)

Sea freight from Gijón's Port


You can find our principal offices in Gijón, though we also have logistics facilities in the Barcelona logistic area in the harbour. But it's from Gijón that we coordinate most of our transports that we organize to anywhere in the world. Whether its by land, sea or air, all our transports come through our office at Teodoro Cuesta st. 12, Gijón.