We started delivering small packages and messages in Gijón and Oviedo in 1995 using our bicycles. “Bicimensajeros La Luna” was born then, one of the first environmental friendly bike courier services in Spain.

Today, after 19 years, we are proud of our evolution, developing urgent courier and international transportation services that complement each other and cover any kind of transportation needs.


  • Four messengers decided to found a bike courier company called “Bicimensajeros La Luna”.


  • We started cycling Oviedo’s streets.
  • On 1th of february Bicimensajeros La Luna starts to offer its services in Gijón.
  • Two foundation members leave the Project and we put our focus in Gijón.
  • We make our first national shipment bound for Barcelona.
  • Ecollogical party lets us use their local as an office and their telephone line for customer care.
  • Participation and entry in the second meeting of the Association of Bicycle couriers.
  • We manage our first international shipment, bound for Porto (Portugal).
  • We began delivery services for other couriers.


  • 1st anniversary, 40,000Km travelled = world tour.
  • We widen our bike Courier network in Spain thanks to AMB (Agrupación de Mensajería en Bicicleta).
  • We open our own local in Cimadevilla.
  • First same day courier service: Gijón – Madrid.


  • Our first participation in the II European Bike Courier Championships, held in Amsterdam.
  • We participate in the V World Bike Courier Championships held in Barcelona.


  • We participate in the III European Bike Courier Championships, held in Graz, Austria.
  • We participate in the first edition of bike couriers Soffi Cup, held in Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • We participate as conferee during the II Congreso Ibérico “La Bicicleta en la Ciudad” (Bikes in urban areas) held in La Corunna.


  • We buy a “BoB” trailer and we start bicycle packages transportation.
  • We open again in Oviedo.
  • New logo and corporate image.
  • We organize the IV European Bike Courier Championships held in Gijón. ECMC-99.
  • We participate in the V World Bike Courier Championships, held in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • New cooperation agreement with TNT Worldwide Express to boost up our international urgent delivery services.


  • We participate in the V European Bike Courier Championships, held in Freiburg (Germany).
  • First air freight shipment from Gijón to Fort Worth (USA), a 75gk sculpture.


  • We open the new offices in Santa Cándida st. 22, in Cimadevilla, Gijón.
  • We participate in the VI World Bike Courier Championships, held in Budapest, Hungary.


  • We celebrate 100 moons party.
  • We organized the IV Congreso Ibérico “La Bicicleta y la Ciudad” held in Oviedo.


  • We manage our biggest international freight, 900kg from Amsterdam to La Corunna.
  • 3 new cooperative members join us.


  • We offer new international services and more people join our cooperative.
  • We start an urgent money delivery service through MoneyGram.
  • A new working member joins the cooperative.
  • We participate in the V Congreso Ibérico “La Bicicleta y la Ciudad” held in Lisboa.
  • We sponsorize Alvaro “Biciclown” Neil’s world tour.


  • X Anniversary
  • We participate in the XVIII Semana Negra.
  • We participate in the X European Bike Courier Championships, held in Basel.
  • We won courier services contract of Gijón’s City Council.
  • We manage our biggest air freight intercontinental shipment, 180kgs from Dhaka to Barcelona.


  • Mejoramos y ampliamos nuestros servicios en Portugal gracias al acuerdo de colaboración con el Grupo LTE- Correios de Portugal.
  • Nos asociamos al Club de Empresas de la Oficina de Congresos de Gijón.
  • Asistimos al Work Shop del Club de Empresas de la Oficina de Congresos de Gijón.
  • Colaboramos con el Salón del Libro Iberoamericano distribuyendo los libros donados por libreastur.
  • Participamos en el VIII Salón Internacional de la Logística y de la Manutención, SIL 2006, en Barcelona.
  • Nos inscribimos en el XI Campeonato de Europa de Bicimensajeros en Helsinki.


  • We extend and improve our services to Asia.
  • We organized a “gymkhana” at Gijon’s Mobility Week.
  • On October 1st we opened an International Shipping Management Office in Barcelona.
  • We attended the second edition of Courier and Parcel Logistics Expo in Barcelona.
  • We participated in the round table “Experiences bike in everyday life” at the University of Salamanca.
  • We received the first maritime import from Portland to Barcelona.


  • We change our opening hours, supporting family reconciliation and improving the management of deliveries in the midday hours.
  • We open new facilities with the opening of our current offices on the street Teodoro Cuesta 12 Gijón.
  • We turned on the Feast of the Social Economy 2008 in Gijón.
  • We handle the logistics management of Gijón’s Ambassadors Award 2008.


  • We participated in the Assembly of the State Coordinator in Defense of the bike, organized by Conbici.
  • Through Bicimensajeros® we participated in the Ride for Climate, demanding to the ambassador of Denmark measures against climate change.
  • We organized the screening of the documentary “A la velocidad de las mariposas” in the V Anniversary “Miles of Smiles Around the World” project of “Biciclown”.


  • We have released OT transport type and we joined the Registry Operator Postcards National Postal Sector.
  • We co-organized the II Iberian Bike Couriers Championships in Barcelona Forum.
  • We incorporate a new agent in Morocco to our network of partners around the world.


  • We opened our blog where we inform, advise and advertise all the information our clients need and ask for.
  • In March we adhere to the National Consumer Arbitration Board. Official badge: 503.
  • We introduce the application of virtual POS for convenient and easy payment services to our customers through Internet.
  • We joined the Port Community of Gijón.
  • We participate in the Cycle Chic Breakfast, meeting first urban bicycle in Barcelona.
  • Madrid participated in the EMC 2011.
  • We extend our agents network around the world adding agents from Dubai, China, Turkey and Mexico.
  • We joined the Red emprendeverde initiative’s Biodiversity Foundation .
  • We opened a new sales office in Gerona.
  • We present the documentary “The Nomad’s Smile”, the first documentary funded with Crowdfunding and directed by “Biciclown” .
  • We cooperate in the start of a bicycle courier enterprise in Barcelona Vanapedal and the opening of recovery and restoration bike centre called “La Bicicleteria”, also in Barcelona.


  • We start the International Year of Cooperatives.
  • We renew Transport Operator and Postal Operator cards.
  • We extend our services in the United States.
  • We participated in the first meeting of the European Federation of Cycle-Logistics.
  • Studio Banana® contracts LA LUNA shipping® services to start distributing globally its flagship product, the Ostrich Pillow®.
  • LA LUNA shipping® follows extends his network of agents and associates to an agent in New York and another in Hong Kong.


  • LA LUNA ® shipping turns 18 years old.
  • El ibérico publishes an interview with two of the cooperative board members, Nacho and Ana.
  • We started working with envialia for shipping and package delivery pickup in Asturias.
  • We collaborate with Cointegra in his publication about “privileged Examples of Good Practices” “Social Economy”.
  • LA LUNA ® wins the bid shipping municipality of Gijón for package delivery service.


  • LA LUNA shipping® incorporates a new agent in New York.
  • LA LUNA shipping® expands its agents network with a new agent in Hong Kong and improves our South-East Asia services.
  • LA LUNA shipping® has won the bid of the messenger services contract of the Urban Area of the city of A Coruña.
  • We travelled to Australia to incorporate our first agent in Melbourne.


  • We are proud of celebrating our 20th anniversary.