Meet us and learn about who we are and what we do in LA LUNA shipping®

We all come from different places and have different profiles but we share a goal: to prove that an alternative, environmentally conscious and socially supportive project can be economically achievable.

Ana Pérez
Ana comes to LA LUNA shipping® from Colinas, a pretty village in the southwest side of Asturias. She takes care of our exceptional telephone support, shipments’ surveillance and the coordination with all collaborators and agents.

Ignacio Menéndez
“Nacho” is from Gijón and has been in LA LUNA shipping® for over 10 years. He is a board member of the cooperative and he is responsible for new clients’ care and traffic coordination.

Nuria Rabasa
Nuria comes from Catalonia and she incorporated to our team in 2007 at account department. She is now responsable of customer care and the management of the Courier services.

Ramón Fernández
Ramón was born in Porcia, at the west side of Asturias. He takes care of comercial support, being responsible of the preparation of shipments and also the incident management area.

Laura Martínez
Laura was in LA LUNA shipping® for a brief time in 2010 and joined back in 2012. She works at the traffic department II, managing documentation and being a close and creative person with clients.

Óscar Suárez
Óscar was born in Zürich. Associated partner and logistics professional. He brings his knowledge and extensive experience. He promotes the social and solidary dimension of the cooperative. In his beginnings he was bikemessenger at LA LUNA.