Crowdfunding distribution

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crowdfunding-distribution¿Is your crowdfunding project finished?

Okay then, now it’s time to send the backers’ rewards in the fastest, most economic and most reliable way. They will be happy and will start to enjoy your product asap. To do this you must carefully plan your crowdfunding distribution, so everything goes dandy.

First of all, as a tip for your crowdfunding distribution, we recommend you to avoid Collect On Delivery (COD) shipments, they’re slower and more expensive. It’s always better to first receive the payment and then ship the goods. COD shipments are riskier as it fails more often and get more complaints. Some times the messenger doesn’t have enough cash money.

We recommend you to get working addresses. It’s easier for your crowdfunding distribution to find your backers and customers at their working places during working (shipping) times.

Check every address and make sure is as complete as possible. Any extra information is always welcome. The more detailed the address is the less chances the shipment fails on reaching its destination. And all this means that you will avoid extra costs.

From the succesfully funding of your project to the moment the backers get their rewards, some months pass. Use that time to check every address is correct.

And don’t forget to ask your backers and customers to check their doorbells. It’s a very common and tiny mistake, but also a very frequent one. This error can delay your shipment for weeks and increase costs, while it makes the customer feel they’re receiving a bad service. Backers and customers always want to enjoy their products and rewards as soon as possible.

Crowdfunding distribution services

The goal of your Crowdfunding distribution is to minimize incidents and reduce distribution costs to have the most economical and efficient shipping possible, so everyone is satisfied.

If you need advice, or transportation/distribution services for your crowdfunding project contact us through our email or our phone numbers, where as always we will be happy to assist you.


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