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By 5 April, 2016July 6th, 2017Customer Support, Luggage

la-luna-shipping-transporte-internacional-baterias-litio-battery-dispositivo-electronico-ordenador-portatil-tableta-camaraStarting April 1, passengers must carry electronic devices using lithium batteries in the cabin. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recently banned the transportation of electronic devices that include lithium-ion batteries in warehouses. And that will be the case until definitive measures are taken in 2018.

We should clarify that this doesn’t mean that these teams can no longer get on the plane. Of course you can continue to carry laptops, tablets, mobile or portable consoles, but they must travel with you in a cabin according to information provided by the French newspaper Les Echos.

Why can I no longer check my items with lithium batteries?

With lithium battery shipments, airlines and pilots associations have been calling for more controls for security reasons. In 2013 an ANA (All Nippon Airways) aircraft had to make an emergency landing due to two cases of overheating.

Not too long ago, the American Air Transport Authority (FAA) warned of the explosion risks of lithium batteries in their transports and that the installed fire systems don’t properly extinguish them.
If I can’t check my devices and I can’t find a way to carry them in the cabin, what do I do?

In a situation like that, you can always count on our national and international transport services. Simply make sure that you meet the conditions for transportation and that the packaging protects the batteries properly. One warning though; this type of shipment has many conditions. If you can’t remove the battery from the device, your only possible option is to take it with you in the cabin.

If you have any doubts, need a budget for a shipment containing lithium batteries or want more details about our services, you can contact us by email at or by giving us a call.


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