Sustainable shipments: how we do it

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LA LUNA shipping transporte internacional sostenibilidad logistica bicimensajeros envíos sosteniblesThey say that, in a consumer society, every euro spent is a vote issued. The truth is that there is a lot of reason to in this statement, because with our consumption decisions we can favor the environmental or social model in which we believe.

At LA LUNA shipping® we bet clearly on the sustainability of your shipments to contribute to the conversation about our planet. Do you want to know what we do to guarantee that your shipments are sustainable as possible? 

Prioritizing shipments by sea or river

Emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) transported per ton are lower using maritime services. Even though ships make for more sustainable shipments does not mean that they don not contaminate (or have other problems).  What happens is that they have more load capacity than any other medium and we take the maximum advantage from that, resulting in less pollution because you can carry so many goods in one one trip. In this sense, our maritime cargo shipments are the most sustainable.

Looking for alternatives by the railway

If there is no water between the origin and the destination our our shipment, a good alternative is the railway, thanks to a their load capacity and the fact that many trains are electric (although the electricity they use could come from non-renewable sources)  Years ago you could send a parcel to any part of Spain, today that service has disappeared,  majority of containers between Barcelona and Zaragoza and Madrid we move by train.

The key to sustainable shipments: avoiding rushes

Although we are able to adapt to the tight deadlines and urgent deliveries, the rushes are bad environmental influencers, because they involve using vehicles dedicated to land or air transport, which are precisely the most pollutant. It is all a matter of time and planning to avoid rushing. If you’re in a bad mood, think of how much better it is for the planet as well. We know that there are rushes and urgencies, for that our urgent services are here to help you (in moderation).

Giving prominence to the bike

A machine that is so simple and also has zero CO2 emissions. Ideal for all your sustainable shipments like documentation and small packages, especially in short distances or between different points in the same city.  Obviously, a package of 50 kilos will have to travel by van, but there are a lot of small deliveries that can be made without emitting a single gram of CO2 into the atmosphere. For 20 years we have bikes in  Gijón, Oviedo, and other cities, we are bicycle messengers.

Understanding our work and its environmental impact

By sizing and planning we can choose the most sustainable environment depending on the origin, the destination, the quantity of merchandise and the urgency of your shipment. Although in the future we would like to have a tool that measures emissions that are GHG produced, for the moment, if you are interested we can inform you of the GHG emissions of a shipment before doing it.

As always we are at your disposal to expand this or any other information that you can specify. 

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