We do many shipments for Erasmus students around Europe. Somehow we become a nexus between them and their families, friends and, of course, favourite meals. And we also like to help when they embark on their adventure with excess baggage. If you cannot check it in, you can always ship it with us. Behind all these Erasmus shipments there are lots of stories, some we imagine, others that they tell us. But before them, there are many questions.

Important stuff, do I bring them with me or should I send them?

Always. The most important documents, as well as the most valuable items, whether economic or sentimental, must be carried in your checked or hand luggage. Because, thought we offer insurances against breakage or loss, there are things that even the best insurance cannot afford.

I do not know the final delivery address, what do I do?

There are two answers to this question:

  1. You can leave your shipment ready at home with your parents or roommates, or even a trusted neighbour. And when you know the address, you ask for the shipment.
  2. We have a storage service at a reduced price that allows you to store your things until you know the address. We pick up the shipment the day you ask us to, we take it to our warehouse and when you notify us, we send it to you.

Is there a limit on the number of boxes or size?

No, the limit is your own budget. Anyway, remember that the price does not vary by number of packages, it does so by size and total volume. So better separate your stuff in several smaller but comfortable boxes. As an example, we recommend the use of resistant cardboard boxes measuring 60x40x40 cm and a maximum weight of 25 kilos per box.

How far in advance should I order the shipment?

Our recommendation is that you request the budget with a minimum of two business days before the date you wish it to be collected. And leave at least a couple of days of margin with respect to the deadline in which you are available. If not, look for someone who can be in charge for the pick-up. You can get more information about it in our video on YouTube.

Do I have to take the package somewhere?

Our service is always door to door. In case you were not available on the day of collection we will offer you alternatives to deliver it to our facilities or to one of our agents in your country of origin.

Do I have to package it myself? How do I do it?

First of all, in this blog there are several entries dedicated to this topic. But as a picture is worth more than a thousand words:

Where is my shipment now?

We will inform you by email of each step of your shipment and if you ask we will provide you with a tracking code.

So here’s the first round of questions about Erasmus shipments. And you? Do you have any questions to ask? Comment on this post and we will answer ASAP. And if you need any shipping service contact us through or call us.

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