Tips and recommendations for your Erasmus shipments

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ERASMUS-blogYou have too much luggage on your way to your new country, or maybe coming back from a great Erasmus experience. Winter jackets have joined the summer and spring clothes that your family sent you a couple of months ago. There’s also lots of works and notes from subjects you don’t want to lose. Lots of stuff that can’t fit in your suitcase or that will overload it. There is an easy way to get all of it.

LA LUNA shipping® decided to help you with some tips and discounts so we can give you a hand on your way.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate how will you send all your belongings. What can fit in a suitcase and hand luggage? Is it too heavy? DO you come back alone or accompanied? Do you live near an airport or either you will have to carry the suitcase for quite a long? If you finally decide to send part of your luggage through a carrier you should keep reading our advices.

So you need to send part of your luggage. Then you have a more difficult decision ahead, what company should you use? It would be very easy for us to make advertisements now, but we are going to recommend you that you search hard whatever that fits your needs and priorities.

Remember when requesting budgets to give as much information as possible:

  • Pickup’s and delivery’s Zip Codes
  • Number of packages
  • Each package weight
  • Merchandise Overview
  • Dimensions of each package (length x width x height)

Even so, you should be very careful with companies that offer very low prices. Those may not have the appropriate licenses and authorizations. So whatever that happens to your shipment, they will not be responsible for it. We strongly recommend that you make sure easy to contact them at any time.

At LA LUNA shipping we always answer the phone at our opening hours and at e-mails in less than one business day. We also have all transport permits and regulations according to the spanish Law 15/2009. You can also contact us at Facebook or Twitter, where we also promise to reply asap.

We always recommend wrapping everything in cardboard boxes, wich hardly add measures and weight. We assure that the best weight and measurement of carboard boxes is 25 kgs and 60x40x40 cm. It is the best way to optimize weight and volume. You can send bags, but as we said before it is always preferable in cardboard boxes. Do not carry too much weight in them as they can break.

Plan your moving with time. The company will contact a local one in the country of origin in order to do the pickup. So the one you contacted will have to adapt to their procedures. The best thing that you can do is to request your pickup two working days in advance, and also think that if something happens you might need another two days to solve it.

Transport companies try to do their best, but there are many things that can happen by which a pickup can be delayed. Jams caused by traffic accidents, closed streets, etc… Also keep in mind that normal service pickups are made during the day’s route, which is between 9 and 18 hours. Messengers don’t make phonecalls, because that would make them waste time instead of doing their job. If you have a restricted schedule for pickup or delivery you must notice to your company and ask for a premium service, wich is more expensive.

As you may not be able to spend all day waiting for the pickup of your shipment, we recommend you to leave it in a place with wide opening hours. Something such as a commercial establishment, the reception of your residence, university or workplace.

It is important to follow these instructions to ensure that there won’t be problems at the pickup:

  1. Make sure that the doorbell works properly. If the driver arrives, rings the doorbell and nobody opens the door, he will leave to continue with his route.
  2. Inform about the contact’s name, specially if the name is not in the door or mailbox.
  3. Provide a local phone number (although the messengers do not call, the people office does sometimes).
  4. Always give as much information as you can. The campus and residences are often complex, so any detail to reach the precise pickup location will be useful.

Finally, we remind you to contact us. We will take care of your shipment back to your hometown. You have some discounts. If you possess a European Youth Card we can offer you a 15% discount for international shipments.

We hope that you don’t have anymore doubts at this point and that we have helped on your way back home to make it easier and more comfortable. We are at your disposal for additional information you require, and of course to take care of your shipments.


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