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By 4 December, 2014May 14th, 2015Airfreight, Company, Logistics, Seafreight, Shipping

singapur-def01Last week we travelled to China to visit our agents in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and we also got to Singapore, where we arranged new collaboration agreements with local enterprises strengthening our presence in South Asia and offering new services. We open up the Eastern Doors to our customers, specially those interested in imports/exports to and from Asia.


singapur-def02-225x250At our first stop, in Hong Kong and Shenzhen we established some agreements with a new agent, PIF Logistics LTD, by wich we can expand our services in China. We are proud to announce that we now cover any kind of importation and exportation service to the Asian country. The newest and most relevant services are small and medium size packaging transportation, cheaper and faster. With these new services we help European companies break into one of the most growing markets in the world. We offer the best transportation solutions to your exports and imports to and from China.

After China and Hong Kong meetings we flew to the south till we reached Singapore. This state-city at the south of Malaysia peninsula holds the most important harbour of the world. It is the greatest sea-freight transit area and the most cargo moves port. Changi airport is next to Hong Kong’s a global hub for air cargo. Singapore, or the city of lions as the name means, is one of the four Asian Tigers. A stable market that welcomes big enterprises and entrepreneurs from all the world. The economy in this microstate is based upon exports and imports refining, particularly industry and electronics.


At Singapore we set up colaboration agreements with local companies that will represent LA LUNA shipping® in the area. This lets us boost our services in Southeast Asia: imports, exports, air cargo and sea-freight. From now on we will offer home deliveries in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, as before we could only get to the airport and harbour of destination.

singapur-def03-250x229As we were there we visit to one of our new agents in Singapore, who brought us to the Singapor ME.NA.SA art fair. ME.NA.SA stands for Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. We discovered the last trends and we learned at first hand about the logistical processes that are conducted in a fair of this kind.

Through these agreements, we acquire a strategic presence in major ports and airports in Southeast Asia where we can offer full-service transportation, expanding our horizons worldwide.

Our goal is to continue expanding our services and destinations offering more solutions for your international shipping needs, whether its a parcel express delivery or complete management of imports and exports by sea or air cargo.

If you require services exports or imports to/from Asia, distribution, logistics solutions, a shipment of documents or parcels, sea or air freight to anywhere in Southeast Asia contact us through our email or call our international phone numbers.


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