Groupage to Canada: the best alternative to the container


Maritime groupage to Canada is the best option for shipments of a certain volume that cannot complete a container. This is a very common situation, as a shipment of large personal effects rarely exceeds the pallet. Not to mention how useful it is for small companies to test markets such as Canada to meet small or medium orders. In fact, it is a fairly common option when starting businesses abroad or preparing for trade shows.

Groupage to Canada, the best quantity / quality / price ratio

Shipping is both very expensive and very profitable, as it is highly dependent on the amount of merchandise that you ship. Greater weight and volume cargoes benefit from a particularly advantageous price per kg or cubic meter. However, fixed costs of shipping (documentation, handling, customs clearance, etc.) penalize smaller volumes. These fixed costs do not depend in any case on the volume or weight of the shipment, which is why they are so inconvenient in small shipments. The shipping costs, the arrival of the merchandise at the port, the loading / unloading of the ship are assessed with a minimum of 1 ton or a cubic meter. This means that a package of 50 kilos will pay as if it were a shipment of one ton or one cubic meter.

Remember that if you are going to send packages, we recommend our international parcel services where you will get a lower cost and a much faster transit time.

Groupage options solve all these costs problems in maritime transport. There are many ways to get your shipments grouped with those of others who are going to make the same journey from port to port. The first, obviously, is to get in touch with other interested parties on your own, but the most common is to hire specialized companies. We organize your groupage as long as the weight and volume are adequate, remember what we indicated above about the minimum charges.

Reliability, regular departures and competitive transit time

The best thing about groupage to Canada is the savings it can bring when shipping one or more pallets. There is no cheaper form of transport under those same conditions.

In addition, you have direct weekly departures from the ports of Barcelona and from Valencia to all main Canadian ports with very competitive crossing times. Right now the time from Barcelona to Montreal is 17 days.

As it is an option designed for non-urgent shipments, we recommend that you plan in advance. In the case of regular shipments, this correct planning will guarantee you a regular supply of goods to / from Canada each week.

Our groupage services to and from Canada

  • Every week we link the ports of Barcelona and Valencia with Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver
  • Distribution and delivery of goods throughout the Canadian territory.

For shipments from Canada, the process is the same, we manage the transports from the point of origin to the Canadian ports of departure and upon arrival in Spain, we manage the distribution and delivery throughout Spain.

Groupage is the most economical option for shipping maritime cargo for SMEs and individuals. And this option is ideal for exporting and importing to / from Canada, with highly competitive rates. You can also benefit from the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union that greatly facilitates commercial exchanges.

Remember that if you need a maritime transport service for your shipment of pallets to Canada, you can count on us.

We advise you throughout the process, including the search for transport spaces and customs clearance. To request a quote, email us at or call us at one of our phone numbers.

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