Groupage to the USA: a profitable option for cargo


Sea groupage (LCL) is a very good option for large shipments that do not reach the full volume required by a full container (FCL). If we talk about shipments of very bulky personal effects, this is the best option as per price/taxable weight. It is also very practical for small companies to distribute goods or to test new markets, something especially interesting in a country like the United States, always open to new products. Today we are going to explain everything about groupage to the USA.

Groupage to the USA, a way of saving

Sea freight always involves dealing with a series of quite high fixed costs that do not depend on the volume or weight of the shipment. There are associated costs of all kinds from the moment the merchandise arrives at the port and is placed on the ship and vice versa at the port of arrival. All these costs have a high minimum: 1 ton or a cubic meter. In the event that the shipment does not reach these dimensions and weight, you will pay the minimum charges for 1 ton or 1 cubic meter. So sometimes air freight is much cheaper, especially if you are sending two or three boxes.

You have several ways to group your shipment with others who also need the same journey, at least from port to port. You can either search on your own or contact companies that offer these services and that already have a portfolio of clients that make this type of shipments. At LA LUNA shipping we organize these groupages, but always remember that the minimum load must be 500kgs or 2 cubic meters.

Groupage destinations

The maritime groupages that we manage from LA LUNA shipping to the United States reach the 3 main ports of the country and from these, the final distribution of the merchandise is made by land means. These 3 ports are:
These are 3 large logistics hubs perfect for the distribution of merchandise anywhere in the United States. In addition, the port of Miami is a good HUB to distribute if cargo is later interested in the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

From the United States to Spain, groupage is also great to save money

Export rates from Spain are quite low, since they are set in the country and between the market and the competition, it’s easy to obtain very advantageous rates. Arrival costs in the United States are usually quite high. When importing from the USA, the rates are stable and advantageous. Always bearing in mind that you must transport a minimum of 2 cubic meters for the best volume/price ratio.
If you need sea freight and groupage services to the United States, count on us. Contact us through our email or call us at one of our phone numbers.

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