How to appeal for a lost shipment

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A lost of shipment is something that our shipping company strive for not to happen. However, it is inevitable that in some occasion an incident occurs and the shipment is lost. For this reason we always recommend to seek information about the different types of insurance and coverage that our company offers when we are hired for shipping. If you want to learn how to appeal for a lost shipment.

To start, we don’t want to make excuses, but we would like to remind you that the shipment has passed by many distinct hands. To understand how we function, read our history of shipment.

Before you have to appeal for a lost shipment…

It is always better to be safe and take some precautions. Here are some things we advise:

Always hire a real shipping company and never through a “search engine” or “third party” on internet.  Verify if the company has a transport operator card “OT”, if the company does not possess that, you are hiring a pirate and may not take responsibility and work with you in case of damage or lost of shipment.

Most of the shipment that gets lost during the course has been wrongly labeled, or has lost its tracking systems. For this reason, make sure to follow our advice about labeling your shipment. It might not seem very important, but it is primary for tracking the shipment.

A lost shipment is the one that no longer gets updates about its tracking

If it has passed a long period of time that your shipment has not received an update about its position, it might be for two reasons: The first is that it simply is the last place that it has been and there is a saturation problem. Or, in the worst case, that is has been sent to the wrong destination and from that point there is no record of it.

Fortunately, this is not very common.  But if this occurs, we recommend that you stay patient, because it may not be lost. If the shipment shows up with a delay, you can always complain about the service. But if it is lost…

Follow these steps to send an appeal

Appealing for a shipment requires more than sending a complaint to our email saying that “the shipment has disappeared.” For us to be successful in our claim, it is important to comply with the deadlines, forms, and procedures. 

Fortunately, to appeal for a lost shipment is much simpler than appealing for a damage. After all, the company itself has a full record of the situation. So the shipping cost is recovered immediately. To appeal for a lost shipment you must prove:

The value in euros of the quantity appealed, accompanied by an invoice of said value.

Remember to sign the claim, forward it by email and send it to the company  which we have contracted the transport so that we obtain proof of its presentation (bureaufax, in person, acknowledgment of receipt, etc …) within the deadlines.

From the presentation of the claim, the shipping company must manage it. Most cases are resolved within 90 days of its submission. Others may be more complex and require more time, or the parties may request additional information or documentation in order to determine the cost assessment. The process can take up to  about a year.

In case you are not satisfied with the resolution of the appeal proposed by the carrier, and if the amount claimed is less than 12,000 euros, you can appeal free to the Arbitration Boards of Transport which is much more effective than the Offices of Attention to the Consumer, and faster and less expensive than a judicial route.

We hope you never have to claim a shipment, but if it happens, at LA LUNA shipping® we are specialists in the management and processing of incidents that may occur during shipping and in almost 100% of cases our clients receive the compensation they claim, where they have direct contact with the person handling the case, as well as information on the status of the management of the appeal.

Because it is as important to properly manage a shipping service as it is to assist and solve any situation that may occur as a result of it.

And, as always, if you have any other questions, contact us through or through phone.


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