Shipping Handbook: Protecting Fragile Items

By 14 August, 2013August 11th, 2022Tips

fragil-blogWe keep on talking about the preparation of a shipment in our Shipping Handbook. Although we are already have posted about preparing the boxes and suitcases, there is always stuff to be better explained in detail. So we want to give special relevance to what is the step that requires most care: preparing a shipment with fragile objects.

When we need to send fragile items we tend to think that with some folded papers, clothes or bubble wrap is enough. Sometimes some people believe that only marking the box as fragile will make it reach its destination in perfect shape. But no, protecting fragile objects requires a lot of preparation. First of all, and back to the box, although it can be marked as fragile, it will go through a number of distribution points and will travel in vehicles with much more shipments. We should note that in the logistics centers there are jumps up to 40cm, so it is important that we protect our more delicate items by following these tips.

There are three steps that we consider essential to guarantee fragile items: wrapping, protecting and packing. Each step requires specific material and should be done thoroughly. Or, you can make it more comfortably, buying boxes prepared for the kind of objects that will be sent.

To wrap it is best to use bubble wrap. This material is cheap, easy to find and easier to use. There are other materials for the same purpose that you can also use to wrap such as the foam film and the wrapping paper. Each fragile item should be wrapped separately. If you wrap them in groups or in pairs they can be damaged, so you have to do it one by one.

Now you have to protect them, we are gonna bust some myths in this step. First one: clothes do not protect fragile items. Actually usefull to protect are the airbags, the polystyrene, the bubble wrap, and the corner profiles or other specific materials for antistatic protection, chemicals, etc.Keep in mind to fill the gaps in the package, such as a cardboard box, you can use folded paper only as a way to finish filling the holes left in the box.

Finally, the box is just as important as all the other materials. Any box will not be usefull, you have to find resistant boxes. A cardboard box can serve if it is the corrugated type. Thin cardboard boxes wear out and break easily, which usually involves damage to the contents. Do not use two thin boxes, one into the other, seek always resistant materials. They are not hard to find as in shops usually they have good boxes for shipments, the same they use for their products. When closing the box always use duct tape or others materials that are equally strong. The zeal only works for envelopes and paper and won’t keep the box closed.

If you follow these steps carefully when wrapping, protecting and packing your fragile items it will have the best chance of reaching their destination in perfect shape. Finally, note that there is no special service for fragile objects in the package delivery companies.

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