Iceland: Elves, volcanoes, houses under the grass and an unpredictable weather

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IMG_0471-2-250x250We all well know places like Ireland, Norway and Berlin as well as many others. Destinations to and from where any transport and courier company offers all kinds of services and fees. But there are also less known destinations, small countries or cities that often are unnoticed, but deserve the same regard.

We recently visited a country that has made culture its homeland, maybe the oldest parliamentary democracy of the world and covered by a savage and unique environment. A country between two continents: Iceland.

At LA LUNA shipping® we like to visit our shipments’ destinations to know them better. So we got up the nerve, we packed a lot of clothes and we travelled to the land of the volcanoes, the elves and the glaciers.


IMG_0358-250x250After a shorter flight than one expects we found ourselves in a place where the night isn’t dark at summer. A season where the country saves energy by not even turning out streetlights during the 3 hours the night lasts. Ironic, as the country doesn’t really have an energetic problem; actually they are planning to export energy to UK and Ireland.

The land was not the only thing that emerged from the volcanoes, as the heat they release helps population heat water and generate energy. The only thing to blame about it is that the water smells like rotten eggs and the first shower is quite an experience.



Iceland has recently gone throught one of the most hard economic crysis of its history. There was a huge drop of its money value and their financial sector almost disappeared. But even after all of this the country is already growing again. They have invested strongly in fishing, aluminum, energy and services. And Iceland also has a very important cultural industry, specially in music. They are succesfully exporting a lot of talent and creativity.


Music bands like Sigur Rós, Emiliana Torrini, Of Monsters and Men as well as many others have succeeded all over the world. In fact we could enjoy the great night-life Reykjavik offers. The small capital refuses to sleep keeping bars, pubs and cafés open till late with live music. Icelanders show in every song their unique personality, maybe influenced by living in such a small country (merely 300.000 inhabitants) and their unpredictable weather. “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes” that was one of the most said sentences in the country and, yes, completely true. In just the first day there was sleet, wind, sun and heat, clouds, rain and mist. Anyway, weather is not a problem to us: LA LUNA shipping® offers its services to the land of ice and fire.


In a country that takes so much care at its strange but beautiful nature, adventure sports are a way of life. So we recommend you to pack your climbing, trekking, diving or sky equipment and ship it to the island with our international air shipment services. If you move to Iceland or there’s so much equipment you need, you can also send a pallet. And don’t worry about customs clearance, as always we’ll take care of them.

And if you get to 12 Tónar, according to Gramophone one of the best record stores in the world, and buy so many vinyls and cds that won’t fit in your suitcase. We will also take care of the shipment and all of the procedures. And, of course, if you travel to Iceland and all your suitcases are too heavy, you can rely on us. Just follow this tips to send a suitcase.

We had a special journey in the island. A very short, intense and interesting experience. Iceland is a country shaped by the power of its nature and the welcoming culture they have. So, if you need courier and transport services from and to Iceland just send us a mail to or call us. And we hope that the eruption of Bárðarbunga doesn’t cause the air traffic problems Eyjafjallajökull did a couple of years ago.

We finish this post about Iceland with this great panorama picture taken by one of our fellow workes.


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