I’m going to Oceania! Quick Tips

By 30 January, 2018April 23rd, 2021Luggage, Shipping

envios-a-oceania-shipping-to-australia-new-zealand-nueva-zelanda-antillas-tasmania-carga-paqueteria-mensajeria-freight-courier-DESTACADOYou are thinking about making one of the biggest jumps in your life. You have decided you are going to take up work in Australia or have found a job in New Zealand: this is not the only reason. Also it is the matter of distance. In fact it is the greatest possible distance that you will travel.  However, you have already decided, the conditions are adequate, and you are so prepared that you don’t know why you still have doubts about what to bring with you. First Tip: bring what you will need the most on the plane. We all know that your suitcase will not fit everything and overstuffing your suitcase is impractical. . . so here’s a Second Tip: keep reading.

In our blog we have already talked about Australia, New Zealand, sending personal items, and even international logistics. So let’s get to the point.

Avoid sending large appliances and furniture if your stay will be (relatively) short

There are various reasons for this, the first is that is tends to be more expensive to send them than to just buy new appliances and furniture there. If you are going to be there for a long time and think you’ll stay and convert to a full time inhabitant, then value the things that you want to bring and consult our moving services and transportation insurance. You’re warned that the price of shipment with these items is going to be much higher. We do not transport appliances and furniture and we prefer that the cost of transportation for these items is used to buy new items at the final destination.

Pack, protect, and wrap the right way and  Envuelve, protege y embala correctamente e infórmate

We have talked long and hard about how to protect and pack all kinds of shipments, especially fragile ones, but you always have to insist. We are the number one group of people who want your personal effects to arrive in perfect condition, but our responsibility ends where yours begins.

One detail to think about is many of our problems are usually due to the transport of dangerous or forbidden objects. Consult our entry on banned items and if you have any doubts, please tell us.

Keep in mind that the customs of Australia and New Zealand count… and decide.

Shipments of personal effects outside of the EU are exempt from paying tariffs and fees, yet the decision lies with those responsible for the customs of the country of destination. All shipping is subject to inspections and especially in Australia and New Zealand where the quarantine charges (AQIS) and charged to the recipient. Keep that in mind. We will inform you of every step of your shipment and possible costs at all times.

You know: If you have any questions or are looking for shipments to Oceania or other transportation services, you can call us or send us an email at info@laluna.coop.



  • brian jones says:

    Me estoy mudando de Chiclana de La Frontera (11130) Cádiz a Adelaide Australia.

    Necesito que alguien empaquete algunos de los contenidos de mi casa y los transfiera por mar.

    ¿Puedes ayudar por favor?

    I am moving from Chiclana de La Frontera (11130) Cadiz to Adelaide Australia.

    I need someone to pack some of my house contents and transfer them by sea.

    Are you able to assist please?

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Dear Brian,

      Are we speaking about a moving or about sending personal effects. Because as a transportation company we don’t do moving services. Only if everything is already and correctly packaged and wrapped. Here we speak about the differences in moving companies and transportation: Moving with furniture, sure you want to ship it?.

      If the stuff you want to move is well prepared, we can transport it from one place to the other.

      Best of luck!

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