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LA LUNA shipping® now in Melbourne, Australia!


One year ago we found new agents for our worldwide network in Hong Kong and New York. That was not the end of our International Expansion.

We've just returned from a very long journey, to one of the furthest places on Earth (from western Europe): Australia. We have strengthen contacts with other local transport companies by which we increase our presence in Oceania. And now we have a new agent. From his headquarters in Melbourne he will give us coverage to the whole country.This addition to our network of partners is a big improvement for all transport to and from Australia. We made many imports and commercial shipments, and also some belongings shippments, to Australia but now we decided to move more and help exports from the country.

If you're planning on moving to Australia we do recommend you to contact Rysher Migration Services, who will assist and support you in your autralian VISA process.

From now on anyone who requests it may have a full service source to final destination (door to door) to any point of the country. Any transport to be carried to and from Australia will have our quality standards. We also get to improve our tracking and monitoring service and we become more agile thanks to the collaboration with CEO Global Logistics. Our new agent in Melbourne allows us to have direct access to the main ports and airports in the country: Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle (Perth), Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Cairns… Something that offers full competitive coverage across the country and a better option to imports and exports.

CEO Global Logistics also has high quality standards in service and customer care. They won 2013's Australia 's Transport Award, Service & Delivery. These are features we look for in all of our partners and agents. Our goal is to offer a high quality service to all shipments anywhere in the world.

From now on our services to and from Australia have the following advantages:

  • Faster customs clearance management, resulting in less time for management and delivery destination.
  • Enhanced Tracking shipments, providing more information in near real time of shipments' status.
  • Advanced management for sea and air freight at major ports and airports.
  • Same high standards for customer service quality.
  • As we negotiate prices with freight forwarding companies in the country we can offer a cheaper service to our customers.

We recently talked about Sydney as part of many of our services, and now we are proud to say that our coverage in the largest country of Oceania is complete.

If you need an efficient courier, parcel and transportation to or from Australia or you have any questions about it you can call us at one of our phone numbers or send an email to info@laluna.coop


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    10 comments on “LA LUNA shipping® now in Melbourne, Australia!”

      1. Buenas tardes Maritza,

        Muchas gracias por contactar con nosotros. Para presupuestos envíe siempre un correo a info@laluna.coop o llamenos. Lamentamos informarle que para particulares sólo realizamos envíos con destino u origen España.

        Gracias de nuevo y un saludo de todo el equipo.

    1. Hola,
      Me gustaria mandar una tabla de surf, en total la bolsa pesa 20kh, medidas unos 40x40x190. Cuanto estiman de coste y tiempo en llegar?

      1. Buenos días Javier!

        Para poder hacer un presupuesto de acuerdo a tus necesidades necesitamos más detalles del envío:
        - Direcciones detalladas de recogida y envío
        - El tiempo depende del tipo de servicio que requieras, si lo prefieres más económico o más rápido

        Para darte una respuesta más rápida por favor contacta con nosotros a través de info@laluna.coop o por teléfono.

        Muchas gracias por leernos, encantados de ofrecerte el servicio que necesites.


        Equipo de LA LUNA shipping

    2. Hola, estoy en Melbourne Australia y quiero enviar la batería de mi bicicleta eléctrica a Santiago de Chile, pesa 3.2 kilos. Podrían darme información al respecto por favor.

      1. Saludos Lorena,

        Gracias por contactar con nosotros. Te informamos que no realizamos envíos entre particulares sin origen o destino España.

      1. Saludos Eladio,

        Hemos visto que ya nos ha contactado también por correo y le responderemos lo antes posible. Gracias por confiar en nosotros.

        Aprovechamos su mensaje para recordar que detallando la información del envío lo máximo posible (nº de bultos, pesos, medidas y direcciones detalladas) se agiliza el presupuesto.

    3. Quisiera mandar una maleta de Melbourne, Australia, a Asturias Gijon. Y me gustaría que me informen sobre los costos, la maleta pesara unos 30 kilos, las medidas son 74 cm alto, 48 ancho y 34 de gruesa y si la podría mandar puerta a puerta, esperando su respuesta, un cordial saludo

      1. Saludos Eladio,

        Nuestro equipo ya confirmó que contactó con ellos. Para presupuestos, contacte a través de los formularios de contacto o por correo a info@laluna.coop. Será un placer atenderle y ayudarle con sus envíos.

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