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Transport, logistics and sectoral solutions

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    Professional, experienced and at your service

    Foreign trade consultancy

    Asesoramiento en comercio exterior ilustracion con los colores corporativos
    We provide you expert guidance on everything from proper packaging and protection to orientation through customs.

    Logistics and transport optimisation

    Our personalized services set us apart, tailoring all transport to your needs and always providing you with our experience and top quality.
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    Success stories

    Heavy Machinery
    Electric bikes
    Art works
    logotipo cultura mezcal caso de exito exportacion importacion bebidas alcoholicas

    Alcoholic beverages imports from Mexico

    Since 2013, LA LUNA shipping has been offering its services to Cultura Mezcal, one of the leading importers and distributors of mezcal in Spain. Our customers benefit from our full logistics support provided from our offices and our warehouses:

    • Logistics coordination at origin
    • Arrival co-ordination with the shipping company and customs agent.
    • National and international shipping
    • Stock management
    • Order picking
    • Bonded warehouse co-ordination
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    exportacion de maquinaria industrial transporte internacional

    Heavy machinery export

    Several machinery manufacturers trust LA LUNA shipping with the exportation of their production lines, accessories, and industry machinery. We highlight the following services:

    • Operation planning
    • International shipping
    • Customs clearance at origin and destination
    • Documentation
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    importacion y exportacion de componentes electronicos para fabricante de maquinas de juego casino

    Import and export of electronic components

    Many machine manufacturers trust LA LUNA shipping handling electronic components import and assembled machines export.

    • Operations planning
    • International shipping
    • Customs clearance at origin and destination
    • Paperwork
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    importación de bicicletas eléctricas ebikes de china carga marítima contenedor

    E-bike imports

    E-bike imports for Freeel. All the way from loading in the port of China to distributing to sales outlets.

    • Operations planning
    • International shipping
    • Customs clearance at origin and destination
    • Paperwork
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    Art packing and transport of fine art for trade fairs and exhibitions

    Artworks shipments: Sculptures, paintings, collector's pieces for fairs, exhibitions, cultural events and private individuals all over the world.

    As well as our priority shipping services, we also offer:

    • Packing consultancy services, supervision, or packaging preparation to protect your works of art.
    • Fine art transport insurance, whatever the value of your piece(s).
    • Customs clearance, including procedures involving temporary importation of artworks or under ATA booklets.
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