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Top-priority and reliable air freight.

The fastest and safest transport for cargo that can't wait.

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    Our air freight services

    Air freight is the safest and fastest means of transport suited to a wide range of shipping needs.

    Our regular air freight to and from any international airport in the world, and specialized services for express, fragile, dangerous and even refrigerated loads.

    Easy and trustworthy, we take care of everything from collection to delivery: paperwork, customs clearance, even international trade consultancy services.

    Air freight highlights and advantages:

    • Cost-effective air freight to any worldwide airport.
    • Any kind of goods, weight, or volume.
    • Door-to-door or door-to-airport service available via our worldwide network of agents.
    • Daily departures to most destinations, including customs clearance services.
    • Electronic tracking of each shipment and delivery.
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    Fast, safe, reliable and top priority

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