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Protecting your goods

Transport insurance offers protection for your goods and your company throughout the shipment.

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    Full coverage for your shipments and goods

    Transport insurance policies cover goods against the risks that may occur during transportation, as well as storage in warehouses, loading and unloading operations. Tey also cover shippers' civil liability and situations in which the shipper may be liable, such as contributing to rescue costs in the event of heavy damage. They also cover shipper's civil liability and those derived from situations in which the shipper may be responsible, such as contributing to rescue costs in the event of a major breakdown.

    We offer transport insurance for all your shipments by land, sea and air. As well as taking care of the correct insurance arrangements and issuing the appropriate certificate. In the event of a claim, we also provide assessment and management of the compensation claim to the insurance company.

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    Your goods, always insured

    Advantages of freight transport insurance

    1. It reduces the risk of financial loss. When exporting goods you have not been paid for in advance or if you are importing goods for which you have already paid, you run the risk of financial loss if the goods are damaged, lost or stolen during transport.
    2. Faster cargo release. Transport insurance means that in the event of a claim, the insurance company takes responsibility for the goods and the release of the cargo is speeded up.
    3. Contract requirement. A contract of sale/purchase may require transport insurance to protect the interest of one of the parties to the transaction, e.g. a bank or buyer (this is particularly true in the sale of CIP or CIF goods). Failure to fulfil this requirement can result in loss of sales and legal claims if the terms of the contract with the purchaser are not complied with.
    4. Companies' responsibility are limited. Freight forwarders are not liable by law for several causes of loss that can occur during the transport of goods (weather, general breakdown, etc.) Even if they are responsible, freight forwarder's accountability is limited in the event of loss or accident.
    5. Transport insurance provides increased monitoring of insured goods. Having proof that transport insurance is included and that its terms insure, the valuation of goods, and the limits of each shipment of goods are appropriate to your needs, ensures that you avoid unexpected losses and time-consuming paperwork.
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