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International shipping

Parcels, luggage, and documentation wherever you need them

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    International shipping always within the agreed deadlines

    International courier and parcel services

    Shipping Global

    Door-to-door pick-up and overnight delivery service in Europe and the rest of the world. International express shipments are transported from origin to destination by air.

    Shipping Economy

    The international shipping service of choice for students, Erasmus students, travellers, and people relocating abroad who need to send one or several boxes.
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    Europe, North America, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, Middle East and China

    Frequently asked questions about international shipping

    What items are restricted or banned when shipping within the European Union?

    International shipping within the EU has the fewest restrictions, however, you should be aware of the following prohibited items:

    • Dangerous goods
    • Perishable or temperature-controlled goods
    • Prescription drugs
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco
    • Non-labelled and non-packaged foodstuffs
    What information should I provide to request a quotation?

    Whenever you need an international shipping service, submit all necessary information up front, and you will accelerate the whole process. You must include the following details:

    • Number of packages
    • Weight and measurements of each package
    • Contents of the packages
    • Complete pick-up and delivery addresses.
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    Your shipments by



     and air.

    Land, sea and air freight for individuals

    We assist you through our transport services by land, sea and air.

    Land Freight

    Land Freight forwarding for international cargo shipments, both export and import groupage and full truckloads throughout Europe. We manage all types of operations related to the integrated service of International Land Freight.

    Sea freight

    Full container? No need, that is why we offer groupage services (LCL) for bulky loads, where you can share space with other loads to take advantage of the savings on bulk cargo, as long as you carry at least one ton or one m3.

    Air freight

    The safest and fastest freight forwarding service. If you need a large volume shipment with guaranteed deadlines and your budget is not a problem, this is your best service. To and from Spain to the world's main airports.

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    Features about our freight forwarding services

    Land freight

    Pallet and large groupage transport at the lowest prices, an optimal solution within Europe.

    Shipping Europe

    Transport of pallets and parcels from 2 to 5 days throughout Europe, inside and outside the EU.

    • Daily departures from all over Spain, also from the Balearic Islands.
    • Individual tracking of each shipment.
    • Extensive network of agents that guarantees high quality and secure end-to-end service.

    Shipping Direct

    Urgent deliveries in Spain and all Europe.

    • Collection and delivery in "bullet cars".
    • Immediate availability of any kind of vehicle for loading at any time and any day/time.
    Sea groupage

    Sea freight is limited to large loads of at least one tonne or one cubic metre due to their tariffs:

    • Costs at origin
    • Sea freight rate or freight
    • Costs of arrival and delivery at destination port

    Private individuals must always bear all costs. Formalities are charged at the same rate, no matter if you send a single box or the whole container. Therefore, the minimum rate is applied.

    Air freight

    We handle the whole transport process, from collection to delivery: documentation, customs clearance, etc. Features and advantages of this service:

    • Economic air freight to any destination in the world.
    • Any types of goods, by weight or volume.
    • Door-to-door or door-to-airport service through our worldwide network of agents.
    • Daily departures to most destinations, including customs clearance services.
    • Electronic tracking of each shipment and delivery.
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