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We protect your most valuable shipments

Los seguros de transporte son los medios que ofrecen una protección a sus productos paso a paso a lo largo de su viaje.

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    We insure your prized goods

    The purpose of transport insurance is to cover goods from various risks during transport and in certain situations such as warehousing, loading and unloading manoeuvres related to transport.
    At LA LUNA shipping we provide transport insurance for all your shipments by land, sea and air. As well as taking care of arranging the correct insurance contract and issuing the respective certificate, in case of loss, we take care of the counselling and management of the indemnity with the insurance company.
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    Insurance advice, contracting, and management

    Benefits of insuring your shipments

    Peace of mind

    If you are shipping high-value items, avoid the risk of losing your investment and the liability of the shipper.

    More accountability

    The liability of carriers is limited. By law, freight forwarders have no liability in many situations that may occur during transport (weather, general breakdown, etc.). In other cases, the liability of the freight forwarder is always limited in case of loss or damage.

    More control

    Transport insurance provides greater control over the insured goods. Ensuring that you have proof that transport insurance was purchased and that its terms cover, the valuation of goods, and the limits of each shipment of goods are appropriate to your needs, ensures that you avoid unexpected losses and time-consuming paperwork.

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