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We store and prepare your shipments until you require them.

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    We have facilities available for your consignments

    Warehouses to manage all types of storage. With maintenance services, palletizing, order preparation, shrink-wrapping, loading, unloading, inspections...

    Everything with the purpose of providing the peace of mind and safety that your goods deserve. Leave your consignments under supervision of our professional warehouse staff.
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    To be considered in warehouse services

    It is not a storage room

    This is a service designed for shipping purposes, such as storing a shipment to be picked up immediately, but cannot be shipped until a later date.

    It is temporary

    Conceived for restricted periods of time. Storage in logistics centres costs more than in a storage room or similar because they are created for a constant flow of shipments and loads of all kinds.

    It's for packaged items

    Parcels are collected already packed and sealed. Access to contents is only allowed upon inspection by authorized personnel.

    We offer palletization

    Along our warehouse service, we offer other options such as palletizing and shrink-wrapping of parcels. Perfect when preparing a large shipment of personal belongings for an ongoing relocation.

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