Labels: More important than they seem

By 10 February, 2015July 23rd, 2019Company, Luggage, Shipping

New video prepared by the Expectativa guys about the preparation of the shipments. This time it is centered on the labels. We talk about how to use them correctly in the shipment to facilitate their arrival. And it is that “it would not be the first package that instead of being received in Spain, appears in Saipan”.

We hope that the video is helpful for whenever you need to label a new shipment.

Labels: these undervalued things

In this video, we have emphasized the labels because we have always found that they are the most forgotten in the recommendations and advice found on Internet. A mislabeled package can cause many incidents, since it is more likely for the labels to get lost and therefore, not known what their destination is. And we will always recommend you print them, not only the labels that we have already sent you, but also those that must include the sender and recipient details.

Saipan, a very common confusion

Although Saipan is only an island of medium size in the middle of the Pacific, but we know it very well among the courier and transport companies. Not because it is a common destination of our shipments, but because of its unforeseen destination status. It is one of the main reasons to keep in mind why print labels is better than writing them by hand, no matter how clear your writing is.

More advices in our blog and Youtube

We recommend you go through our YouTube channel, where you can find more advice on packaging and soon, much, much more. For the new ones, in this blog you will find a lot of help to correctly carry out your mailings.

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