Miami, Latin America capital in the USA


USA is one of the main destinations and origins of our transportation services. Whether we speak about fast delivery packages to Washington DC, sea freight to New York or air freight to Los Angeles, the United States of America is often mentioned in our office. That’s why we are going to highlight some of the destinations and origins of our most common shipping services in USA. To start, we will tell you everything about Miami, capital of Florida and the main business centre of the Latin American community in the United States.

Florida, great infrastructure that is a perfect fit for international logistics

Florida keeps some of the best transport infrastructures in America, beyond its high-capacity highways network, quite common in the USA, we find 3 large logistics hubs. These are truly relevant, not only for the United States, but also for the transportation of cargo throughout the Caribbean area and also for most of Latin America.

Port of Miami


Officially named the Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami, it is a harbour of great relevance both in logistics and in the leisure sector thanks to its huge cruise docks. The port completed its most important project for merchant ships in 2016: the PortMiami Deep Dredge, which consisted of a deep dredge so Post-Panamax ships and, later, gigantic Triple EEE could access the container docks.

This port manages almost 10 million tons of cargo and more than one million TEUs every year, something that got it the name of the Cargo Gateway of the Americas.

Everglades Port

This port is located north of Miami in Fort Lauderdale, it is the largest cruise port in the world and one of the most important freight terminals in the United States. Like the port of Miami, it exceeds one million TEUs of cargo per year, and it is the port that manages most containers in Florida. It is also one of the deepest ports in North America, so its capacity for large ships is more than guaranteed.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport, hereinafter MIA, is one of the most important airports in the USA. This airport manages more than 2 million tons of cargo per year. MIA is located just 13 km from Miami city center and is one of the main connection points between Latin America and Europe. For all these reasons, MIA is one of the airports with the most freight traffic in the world.

The main passenger airlines fly to Miami and also more than 20 cargo airlines, offering connections to Madrid, Frankfurt, Zaragoza or Amsterdam in Europe and to any of the major airports in Latin America, among which we highlight Panama, Mexico City or Santiago de Chile. Of course, it also has connections to Asian airports like Hong Kong.


LA LUNA shipping at Miami

LA LUNA shipping keeps 2 operational hubs in Miami near the port and the airport:

  • In Miami's port we have a specialized base for vehicle transportation. From the port of Miami, we manage any car shipping from anywhere in the USA to any port in Spain.
  • Close to the airport, we have an enclosure that facilitates all kinds of logistics operations like storage, picking, merchandise in transit. From here we manage and control all air freight operations.
  • Throughout the city of Miami and the state of Florida we have collaboration agreements for the deposit or collection of parcel shipments.

We also offer customs agents services. These agents will quickly and efficiently manage import and export dispatches, as well as any customs formalities that are necessary.

This allows us to offer you any type of logistics and freight service to or from Miami, including all those transportations that use Miami as a hub for group shipment connections that must go to any point in the Caribbean and Latin America.

So, if you need a transportation service to or from Miami, or help managing imports and exports in Latin America, or you must import cars from USA, count on us. You can contact us by mail at or by calling one of our phones.

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  1. Nice Article, La luna. Very informative for international shipping. It is imperative to choose the best shipping company. Can anyone suggest to me more international shipping companies that ship from the USA to my native country Australia?

    1. Hello Sophia,

      Thanks for your message! We do offer shippings from USA to Australia, but only to businesses.

    1. Good afternoon Anna,

      Yes we can manage this kind of shippings. To get a quotation please send an email to with as much details as possible. Thank you!


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