LA LUNA shipping® now in New York!

By 1 July, 2013March 16th, 2021Customer Support, Company, Shipping

I LALUNA New YorkIn LA LUNA shipping® we have always worried about being responsible, ethical, professional, efficient and attentive. If you’ve used our services  before you will have experienced that we keep giving you information at all times and that we ensure that each service will reach perfectly its final destination.

As we wanted to give the same quality and attention in the United States, we now have hired a new agent in New York.

This addition strengthens our presence in the USA and expands the coverage of our transport services in the country. Only seven years ago we started expanding in the international market and now you can count on us to take your shipments to anywhere in the world. Giving the same reliability and quality in all territories.

The main advantages for our customers are:

  • Direct access to all logistics, transportation and customs in the United States. Expanding and consolidating our services in the place. Now we offer the same quality and reliability here and there. We make customs management easier. You’ll just have to wait for the shipment to arrive to your house because your paperwork can be managed by us, solving any issues.
  • The guarantee of providing service to customers and users at the same level of quality as in Spain and Europe. A professional close to you who can keep in touch with you as we always do.
  • Complete control of all shipments. Counting at our disposal, and therefore yours, full traceability system. We will now have even more and better information of each step you take your transport.
  • And of course the economic advantage, because now we can negotiate costs at home thereby resulting in a cheaper service.

For any information you may require, as we are always at your disposal at the phone 985 35 33 31. If you call from the United States you can do it through this phone number: +1 (347) 293-1802. Of course you can comfortably send an email to or also contact us in Facebook and Twitter where as always, we will be happy to answer all your queries.


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