Globalizing your company (III): The importance of packaging

By 25 March, 2015February 1st, 2021Company, Logistics

embalaje-paquete-embalado-distribucion-global-internacional-distribution-packaging-package-wrapping-logistics-destacadoYes, we already spoke a little about packaging for international distribution projects in our first blog post about globalizing your company. But we’ve always considered important to dig deeper into each topic, so everything is crystal clear. The best way to give advice is not only say it, is to argue it. Throughout these years in the blog we have given special importance to packaging and wrapping. So, if you’re preparing your business to start importing and exporting its products, keep reading and we will help you reach your target customers.

Global logistics packagings are not going to differentiate especially packaging for any project that includes the distribution of one or more products. There are two basic ideas to understand:

Simplicity and quality

Packaging should be simple for many reasons, the first is that flat packs will save lots of money, since they are packages that add very little weight and volume to the shipping. You must always bear in mind that the air that’s in the boxes also travels… and pays! Adding volume to your product also ads costs.

Flat packs are also make groupage easier. Keep that in mind because at some point in the distribution your products will be grouped in pallets or container. A simple and flat packaging is much more easy to stack for large volume shipments and if you even prepare the measures so that they match of these forms of standard groupage, your shipping will be cheaper. In addition, the logistics management will be easier and more comfortable.

And when we talk about quality we mean that any dual channel corrugated cardboardbox is enough for most products. Remember that there will be some wrapping over the regular packagint. So if you make a beautiful packaging it will also be protected.

The Cosmonaut, a stellar Packaging

The Cosmonaut is a very particular case to talk about the packaging for global distribution. Although it is a film, the articles that were sent were very heterogeneous. The film was sent in two main editions: a book-dvd and usb pendrive.


The packaging of the book was simple and easier to prepare for its international distribution. The main problem was the packaging of the usb. As you can see in the picture is a thin transparent plastic packing. It makes the product beautiful, but impractical for shipment. Therefore we had to think in both cases in a wrapping that could protect the original packaging.

LA LUNA shipping® has experience in managing global distribution logistics. We make a preliminary study of the product and the requirements in each country. So that the final step, reaching the customer, is easier.

If you need advice, or transportation/distribution services for your international business project contact us through our email or our phone numbers, whereas always we will be happy to assist you.

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