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This year we started December, the month with the most shipments, with an especially long bridge. And not only do we have some holiday dates complicating the operation of the logistics chain during this week, let’s add that the sector is hangover by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As always, we recommend you start planning your shipments for this Christmas.

Shipments at Christmas always grow, and not just for customers who do not make regular shipments. The general volume in transportation multiplies. Stores require more stocks, online stores start their campaign already at the end of November, people have gifts in companies, schools, groups, shipments for the whole family … Yes, these are the most complex and stressful dates in our sector.

To this exponential growth of the demand for parcel, courier and logistics services, we must add the interference of the holidays that change according to cities, autonomous communities and countries.

That’s why, and as always, we’re going to give you a few tips.

Shipping food for Christmas

At this time we all have more contact with family and friends and if you are abroad you are likely to miss more than ever a good ham, or candy … Well if you want nougat, read our entry in this blog. Here we have details for everything you need to know about these food shipments

En estas fechas todos tenemos más contacto con familia y amigos y si estás en el extranjero es muy probable que eches de menos más que nunca un poco de buen jamón, o de dulces… Pues si quieres turrón, lee nuestra entrada en este mismo blog. Ahí detallamos todo lo que debes saber sobre estos envíos de comida.

Plan your shipments and utilize urgent services

If we have placed so much emphasis on the complexity of Christmas in transport, it is because of the enormous volume of shipments that arrive. That’s why it’s important that at Christmas time you plan your shipments. And if you need these to be delivered on very specific dates, always use urgent services. Do not skimp on a few euros, keep in mind that the less urgent shipments/economy are always left for the end, the first ones that are delivered are always the urgent and priority services.

And prepared well the packages

Of course, we never stop insisting that in this work we have a shared responsibility. We are the first to want to see your shipment reach the perfect destination. So, this Christmas, we are committed to preparing your shipments so that we, Santa Claus, the Olentzero and the Magi make sure that everything arrives on time at your destination.

Remember the rule: Wrap, protect and pack correctly each and every one of your items

This month LA LUNA shipping® reinforces all of its pick-up, delivery and customer service services so that each and every one of the shipments you entrust to us arrives safely and punctually at your destination. If you need a shipment in these dates contact us by email to or by phone.

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