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professional-legal-liable-guaranteed-shipments-shipping-international-freight-cargo-insurance-transportation-parcel-courier-DESTACADOjpgProfessional, legal, liable & guaranteed shipments are more important than you think, as it might seem that transporting items is easy  because you pick up at point A, and transport it until it gets delivered at point B. However, the transport and logistics with guarantees and with proper management are like so many other things in life: you only miss them when they are not there.

Today, as consumers we can choose to have to all the guarantees, but the market also puts at our disposal alternatives, that end up being a threat to our rights as consumers. Let’s see what risks a shipment is in the wrong hands. 

Professional: Your shipment could be lost, delayed. . . or it could never arrive

This is obvious. Solvency and experience are fundamental in any profession and an unskilled hand may not be sufficiently familiar with many aspects of the sector: from basic knowledge of geography to tracking technologies for international shipments, customs clearance processing, cost savings according to the chosen route, etc.

Liable: Your shipment could be damaged

Not knowing the goods that are transported, that need to be carried with guarantees of security and protection, to just cut expenses in security and guarantees is not a good idea. The best economic offer may expose your package to not protecting it properly and may not take into account the risk that exist during transit and manipulation.

Legal: There is no guarantee that you can claim

Another common way to risk a shipment is by placing it in the hands of a pirate carrier. A company without the necessary administrative authorizations (we go what is a pirate company) does not have to respond to a profile of a delinquent or swindler of low funds. They advertise to get face discovered, under a friendly appearance, “cool”, etc… In the pages of false collaborative economics some define themselves as (“the Uber of messaging“) whose terms and conditions have these pearls:

(…) does not offer any warranty as to the authenticity, accuracy, novelty, reliability, legality or non-infringement of third party rights… 


(…) It assumes no responsibility whatsoever […] for damages or losses that may be suffered by a breach of these general conditions of use. Therefore (…) will never be responsible for the availability (…) nor for the proper and satisfactory fulfillment of the messages by them. 

Or includes..

(…) offers no warranty as to the authenticity, accuracy, novelty, reliability, legality or non-infringement of third party rights by users. In this sense, the users declare that they understand the that (…) it is an independent company that puts in contact clients and users, and that assumes no responsibility derived from the information provided by the users nor for the damages or losses that could eventually suffer for a breach of these General Conditions of Use. Therefore (…) will never be responsible for the availability of the users or the proper and satisfactory fulfillment of the message by them. 

That is to say, whatever happens, this company will never have any obligation with respect to the service that you have hired through them (and of which it profits). In other words, you pay for a service that might not even be given to you.

Guaranteed: Your privacy is also at risk

A big part of pirates carriers is they are falsely self-employed and are not subject to any kind of control. And just as they escape fiscal control, they get rid of the responsibility for other crimes such as correspondence violation.  The preceding paragraph is quite scary, because it admits that this type of platform does not know its suppliers and even admits that if they snoop in inside a shipment, you will not be able to do anything to avoid it or to denounce them for it.

Your shipment will encourage unfair competition

To become a carrier with all of the laws, you not only have to be autonomous and pay the corresponding fees, you have to tell the carrier card and the postal operator. In certain apps, which mediate in messaging and transport we have encountered the following…

… simply indicate that the user has completed the corresponding discharge process and has accepted the General Terms of Use and any other particular conditions that apply. It does not imply either certification or endorsement of its reliability, suitability and/or safety… 

This is a grievance for full-time professionals who meet all the requirements. Without complying with the law, it is always possible to provide more economic services. Everytime you are not using professional, legal, liable & guaranteed shipments, you promote precariousness.

Piracy has always been a problem in the transport and messaging sector. However, the new collaborative economy is a first-order legislative challenge for the protection of consumer rights even in the worst circumstances. La piratería siempre ha sido un problema del sector del transporte y la mensajería. Sin embargo la nueva economía colaborativa es un reto legislativo de primer orden para la protección de los derechos del consumidor hasta en las peores circunstancias. It is true our politicians should be up to par and try to manage this phenomenon in an intelligent way. But we, as consumers of transportation and logistics services, can also help with every small decision, always opting for legal guarantees, professionalism and transparency.

And as always, if you have more doubts or want a professional, legal, liable and guaranteed shipment service endorsed by the customers themselves on many occasions, contact us through or by telephone.

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