Prohibited items in your packaged shipments

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The prohibitions can be more than justified. In these cases we always think that it is better to disclose the “whys”. For this reason in LA LUNA shipping® we have decided to make this entry about the prohibited items or have a series of special rules and conditions that must be fulfilled in order to send them. To facilitate the reading of this entry, we classified these restrictions in National, European Union, and International shipments.

First of all, it must be taken into consideration that these regulations and prohibitions are those that affect the package transportation services and services for private customers. We offer specific services to companies and professionals that allow these shipments to be made under certain conditions.

National Shipments

In national package shipments is where you will find fewer restrictions, firstly because they are mostly in land transport and secondly, because they will not have to cross borders of any kind. However, there are prohibited items and they are the following:

Any merchandise classified as dangerous for land transport (ADR). They are flammable or unstable goods that can produce some type of accident during transportation. These include:

  • Paint, enamels, fuels, gases and sprays/aerosols.
  • Pyrotechnic materials and firearms or blank.

Nor can the shipment of perishable products or that require controlled temperature during transportation be carried out. In a medium of transport that does not meet the necessary characteristics, the food will not arrive in conditions for consumption.

  • Pintura, esmaltes, combustibles, gases y sprays/aerosoles.
  • Materiales pirotécnicos y armas de fuego o fogueo.

European Union

In addition to the restrictions above, you cannot send any type of alcoholic beverage or tobacco. This is only possible if the regulations established for the intra-community movements of subject merchandise are met.

Other fairly common banned items are electronic products with battery installed. The battery should always go separately. This is due to the IATA regulation that indicates that these products, if they carrying the installed battery, are dangerous for the transport of goods.

You cannot send unpacked and/or unlabelled foods. Since it has to be guaranteed that all food products are prepared and packaged by duly authorized producers.

Shipments outside the European Union

In the case of sending packages to or from outside the European Union, we must take into account all the above restrictions and add the prohibition to send food, alcoholic beverages and in general articles of animal and vegetable origin due to the different regulations and restrictions that different countries apply to the import and export of this type of products. When these items are detected, it is usual for the shipment to be retained and destroyed or returned to its origin. All costs being paid by the sender.

If you have any questions, always ask if you can send a certain article or not so you can avoid incidents and surprises. That is why we ask you to inform us of the content of your package delivery so we can warn you about prohibited articles or advise you. If you have questions about sending any type of item contact us by email or call us at 985 353 331, where, as always, we will be happy to help you.

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