Save on transporation with group shipments

By 5 March, 2015July 23rd, 2019Luggage, Seafreight, Shipping

«Save!», This advice we receive everywhere is imperative in our lives that we apply continuously, after all, money is a limited resource.

There are cases in which it seems very simple: you choose one service or another, one company or another. But sometimes there are fixed prices that make that choice difficult.

This often happens with shipments of personal things and when moving from remote countries such as New Zealand or Australia, where to do a shipment by air has a high cost but the volume is not enough to take advantage of the sea cargo where there are Fixed costs that apply whether you are shipping 1 kilogram or 1000 kilograms.

So, what is the best option? The Grupaje

Union makes force

In maritime transport, there are a series of fixed costs, meaning that they are independent from the volume or weight of the shipment. There are documentation, consolidation and storage costs that are made for a minimum of 1 ton or 1 cubic meter. If your shipment reaches this weight or volume, you will save the service in the same way.

That’s why our recommendation is: look for more people who need the same service on similar dates and contract the transportation all at once. So you can take advantage of maritime transportarion and save. It is not necessary to send many pallets or fill a container by yourself when you only want to transport the essentials. That’s why the best option is to find more people who can join the transport so you can lower the fixed costs. Those costs will be the same for a small shipment and one that groups together several people who need the service.

Save when returning to Spain

We have commented a couple of times that the export rates of Spain are usually low because they are set in the same country. Here there is a lot of competition and a lot of market and therefore the price drops. In the case of imports, it usually happens that they are more expensive than exports. In these cases, the best thing is, as we have discussed, to group the shipments. Surely you know more people who are in your situation and who will come back, either because you maintain contact with them in groups, at work, in your social life or in networks.

Save, group in social networks

Facebook groups are a good way to meet people who are now living in the same country. There are communities and forums on the Internet that have greatly facilitated this work of finding other Spaniards and expatriates.

And, as always, save time and money by reading our recommendations on the blog and if you have any questions or require one of our services contact us by email at or calling us by phone

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