Sea freight from Gijón’s Port

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You can find our principal offices in Gijón, though we also have logistics facilities in the Barcelona logistic area in the harbour. But it’s from Gijón that we coordinate most of our transports that we organize to anywhere in the world. Whether its by land, sea or air, all our transports come through our office at Teodoro Cuesta st. 12, Gijón.

Near our offices, about 3 kilometers away, you will find Gijón’s Port, known as El Musel port because it is situated in the district of the same name. This infrastructure is managed by the Port Authority of Gijón.

The Gijón port, a great port for northern Spain

The Gijón port has traditionally been associated with the importation of solid bulk, mainly carbon and iron ore. Materials that served to satisfy the demand of the heavy industries and thermal power plants were found in the area of influence in the port (hinterland) in the provinces of Austria and Leon. It was very important for the exportation of carbon before the Austrian mines and later, for the steel products and parts from the boilermaking industries in the area.


In the last 20 years the Gijón port has made important commercial efforts to provide the port infrastructure with new services and the collection of new general merchandise traffic. This makes it easier for Asturian, Lucense and Leonese import and export companies to benefit from having shipping services closer to the place of production. This means they can avoid the extra costs of transportations to the Bilbao port.

The statistics show that little by little the trends of moving containers through the Gijón port are rising, and some of the main shipping companies around the world have realized this. Companies like MSC, CMA, CGM, or Hapag Lloyd include the Gijón port in their rotations of feeder ships that connect main ports like Rotterdam Sines or Le Havre with final destinations of exports. Even Maersk recently started operating from this port.

LA LUNA Shipping is your logistic operator at the Gijón port

Because the Gijón port is our home port, and we are one of the few transporters that operate out of the Gijón port specializing in small and medium clients, LA LUNA Shipping covers all types of sea transport of containers, both imports and exports. We have agreements with the main shipping companies that operate in the port, and we offer customs clearance services for imports, exports, and goods in transit. Additionally, we can manage merchandise in different customs states if necessary and from there connect with our national and international land transport network.

Y, debido a que el puerto de Gijón es el puerto de nuestra casa, y que somos uno de los pocos transitarios que operan en el puerto de Gijón con especialidad en clientes pequeños y medianos (ya sean particulares o empresas); desde LA LUNA shipping ofrecemos todo tipo de servicios de transporte marítimo de contenedor, tanto de importación como de exportación. Disponemos de acuerdos con las principales compañías navieras que operan en el puerto, y ofrecemos servicios de despachos de aduanas de exportación, importación, mercancías en tránsito. Incluso, en caso de que sea necesario, podemos gestionar mercancías en diferentes estados aduaneros (ADT) y desde ahí conectar con nuestra red de transporte terrestre nacional e internacional.

As always, at LA LUNA Shipping we are at your service to attend to your national and international transport needs by land, sea or air.

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