The transport insurance is the right way of protection to your products along your journey.

The object of the transport insurance is to cover the transport of goods from the various risks that may affect them during transport, and also in certain situations as storage, loading and unloading, strikes, wars…

In LA LUNA shipping, we offer transport insurance for all your shipments by land, sea or air. In addition to deal with the correct insurance contract and issuance of the transport certificate, in case of accident, or damage of your cargo, we provide advice and we manage the paperwork to obtain the compensation from the insurance company.

Advantages of insure your transports:

  1. Reduce the risk of financial loss. In case of export of goods, which have not been paid you before shipment, or if you are performing an import of goods for which already paid, you run the risk of financial loss if during the freight, damaged, it is lost or stolen.
  2. Speeds up the release of the shipment. When you have your cargo insured, in case of loss the insurer assumes responsibility for the cargo and smooths the release of the shipment.
  3. Contractual obligation. The contract of sale / purchase, can require you to have a shipping insurance to protect the interest of any party such as a bank or buyer (This is very true in the sale of goods under CIP or CIF terms). In case of failure to comply with this obligation, the breach of the terms of the contract with the buyer, can cause lost sales and legal claims.
  4. The responsibility of companies is limited. By law, carriers of merchandise are not responsible for many of causes of loss that may occur during the transport of goods (climate, general average, etc.) And although responsible, the liability of carriers of goods is limited in case of loss or accident.
  5. Transport insurance provides greater control over the insured goods. Make sure you have the evidence that the transport was purchased and ensure that its terms, the valuation of goods, and limits of each consignment of goods are suitable to your needs, ensuring avoid unexpected losses and lengthy paperwork.