Weekly Destination: Barcelona

DESTACADO-barcelona-envios-transporte-shipping-carga-aerea-maritima-puerto-mercancias-ferroviarias-tren-aeropuerto-el-prat-zona-franca-logistica Over recent months we have talked about the expansion that we have been carrying out in LA LUNA  shipping® so that our services reach further destinations. Today we prefer to speak about our most common pickups and destinations.

To start we will stay at one of our logistic hubs where we manage shipments at a national and international level: Barcelona.

Barcelona hosted two international exhibitions at the beginning of the 21st century and the Summer Olympics in 1992. It is the second largest city in Spain and one of the largest metropolitan areas of all Europe. It is the city of modern architecture, being Antoni Gaudí the most famous architect of the city, of design, of so many new trends, the world mobile capital and cosmopolitan urban area where tourists mingle with students, office workers, immigrants, without forgetting cultural movements and all kinds of monuments.

But besides all this, Catalonia's capital is a city with one of the major Mediterranean ports and logistics infrastructure. In Barcelona we have a small office to support the management of shipments passing through the city.

LA LUNA shipping® collaborates with bike courier companies that are located in the city: 30/60 BICIMISSATGERS, Vanapedal of more recent creation and Trèvol cooperativa with more than 25 years of experience in the courier sector. All this to provide the most rapid, efficient and environmentally sustainable services.

But also as a logistics hub Barcelona, ​​is our intermondal hub  for import and export seafreight, airfreight and other cargos. The harbour and the airport recently renovated and expanded with roads that unite France to the rest of Spain, Barcelona is a major hub for air cargo transport, sea and land, from here we manage seafreights to all the world every week.

Seafreight throught El Prat airport allow us to ship those urgent items. When having straight connections we can ship to your destination within 24 hours.

The Air Cargo Centre Barcelona-El Prat is strategically positioned in one of the biggest consumer and industrial hinterlands. Its location enables integration into a single cabinet of all operators in the supply chain, reducing lead times and costs.

Between the harbour and the airport there is the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL). The ZAL is the logistics platform of the Harbour of Barcelona, ​​a major international hub with excellent intermodal connections and strategic location used by more than 130 companies.

In the LAZ we have, through collaboration with other companies, storage space and logistical activities: unloading trucks, storage, pallets, picking or any service work that shipments require before dispatch to final destination.

Barcelona is our second home and where we offer a wide range of services and solutions for your local, national and international shipments.


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