Shipments to China: closer than you think

By 14 October, 2015February 12th, 2021Logistics, Seafreight

envios-a-china-shipping-to-china-shenzen-beijing-pekin-guangzhou-hong-kong-macao-shanghai-ningbo-tianjin-qingdao-carga-aerea-maritima-air-sea-freight-DESTACADO.jpgAt the level of popular language, China sounds very far away, with expressions such as sending something to the Conchinchina (which in fact corresponded to the current Vietnam) or this is in Beijing. But thanks to all the current transports and the services of LA LUNA shipping®, making your shippings to China is as simple or simpler than sending to any other country.

Shipments to China: two days of distance

We offer urgent shipments to China in 48 or 72 hours, thanks to having several direct air services between Madrid, Barcelona and Beijing or Hong Kong via Europe or the United Arab Emirates with several daily frequencies. And not only for small packages, but also for packages of all types of weight and volume.

Field Management

What makes us proud of our ability to handle shipments in China is that we can manage them on the ground thanks to our agents in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao in the South, as well as in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Beijing and Qingdao in the north. These are the base cities from which we can solve all your logistical needs. The presence in the country allows us to better control the transport and services we offer throughout Southeast Asia, guaranteeing its quality, negotiating prices directly with suppliers and reacting much faster to any incident.

Why is it important to have a presence in the ground?

In countries with legislations so different from the European one, it is essential to have a presence there to manage more easily the passage through customs and offer fast imports or exports. In addition, in the case of China, taking into account the industrial volume it concentrates, it is important to help our customers import raw materials, many of which can be considered dangerous, so it is necessary to have permits and experience to carry out this work activity. That is why we can make all kinds of shipments to China.

What else do we offer in China?

Not only do we cover all types of imports and exports, but we can also take responsibility for small and medium parcel shipments, reducing prices and time with respect to other services, which facilitates the implantation of Spanish companies.

We also offer our experience of several years working in this market, with which we can help you in all necessary procedures, from documents and declarations to cargo inspections, or any management that is required in origin.

In summary, if you are looking for a reliable partner for your shipments to China, we definitely have to get to know each other. Contact us


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