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transporte-de-arte-art-transportation-internacional-international-painting-cuadro-escultura-sculpture-modern-galeria-gallery-artwork-DESTACADOOur job is to transport things from one point to another. Whether they’re products manufactured in Asia that are imported to Europe (or vice versa), personal effects from Spain to any point in the world, or artworks, the transport of art is one that requires a lot time, experience and talent.

Lately, we have had the privilege of transporting artwork to different art galleries that entrust us with their works: mainly sculptures and paintings, as well as photographs.

The origin and destination of these transports have been exhibitions such as Affordable Art Fair in New York, Singapore or Hong Kong and MENASA  in Singapore. And we shouldn’t forget about the transport of temporary works from Auckland to Barcelona, as well as their return.

Furthermore, we have also coordinated shipments to galleries in Sydney, Bogotá and Mexico City. We even had shipments that needed repair in Spain and had to be returned to the owner in Bali.

Protecting talent, packaging art

The first step of every shipment is to prepare it for transportation. We already talked about how to protect fragile shipments. So when we talk about transport of art, we must keep in mind that all works are very different from one another. You may only need to carefully wrap a sheet into a cardboard tube. You may need to create a mould of the shape of the art piece. You may need to dismantle it into pieces and then protect, wrap and package each piece separately.

Each work of art is unique, so each packaging and protection must also be unique. Most of the incidents and damages that occur are because the protection and packaging were not adequate.

If you have doubts about how to prepare a work for transport, at LA LUNA shipping® we will be happy to help you and advise you.

You may also consider purchasing a special insurance. The value of artwork is usually very high, so hiring specific insurance is essential. At LA LUNA shipping® we have a transport insurance management service with insurance companies specialized in the transport of art.

The art of arriving on time

If you have been following our blog for some time, you will know that we always recommend managing shipments in advance and using printed labels. You’ll also know that a handwritten tag can take your shipment across the seas. This was the case when a painting that was planned to travel from Oslo to Barcelona appeared in Saipan. But thanks to our talent, it arrived in Barcelona in less than 24 hours in perfect condition and in time for its exhibition.

Transport of art also goes through customs

Like all imported and exported merchandise, artworks are subject to customs formalities for both export and import. They are often moved temporarily, so you must manage these movements in a way that does not involve extra taxes. This way, shipments to exhibitions are managed under temporary exports/imports or covered under ATA licenses. Failure to carry out these procedures may cause the work of art to be held at customs, cause unnecessary expenses and cause it to miss its exhibition.

We have considerable experience with transporting art to and from any corner of the world. In fact, our first transcontinental shipment was a 75kg sculpture that was shipped from Gijón to Fort Worth (USA).

Since 2000, we have demonstrated our talent to hundreds of artists, art galleries and art dealers around the world.

If you require a special transport of art service, or recommendations on how to do it, contact us. We will be happy to bring your talent wherever you need it. Contact us at or by giving us a call.

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