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Transporte de bicicletas At LA LUNA shipping® we started taking its first steps on our bikes, the ones we used on our first courier services on the streets of Gijón and Oviedo. Since then we haven't left our bikes. We ride them to work, to travel, to party, to study... Bikes are our main urban transportation system and we take it anywhere in the world. This is why we have a great experience in shipping bikes. Keep reading to learn about it.

We've always been looking for the best ways of travelling with a bicycle or the best way of shipping bikes from one city to another, from one country to another. Some may think that as a bike courier and international transportation and shipping company, the best way to do it is through us. But we know and tell our customers that shipping bikes through a courier service is not always the best option. But we are always pleased to manage your shipping bikes services as much as any other kind of shipments.

How expensive shipping bikes services are?

When shipping bikes you must first pack them with great care in a special cardboard box for bicycles. You can get them free at many bike shops. The standard measures are 150x70x20, so even if you have a light bike (under 10kgs) the price will be applied to its volume, 52,5kgs.

When doing international shipments keep in mind that it might be cheaper shipping your bike in the plane with you and your personal effects and luggage using a courier service.

The best option for shipping bikes is to make them travel with you in the same transport. For example: if you fly from Amsterdam to Madrid, check in your bike. If you travel by train ask the railroad company about taking your bike with you.

If you need more information about travelling with your bicycle using public transportation we recommend you to contact local bike associations. In Spain we recommend ConBici.

So if you have any doubts or queries about shipping bikes contact us through our International Phone Numbers or by email.


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2 comments on “Shipping Bikes”

  1. Hello,

    we will be cycling in span this summer and need to get our bikes (two tandems) back from Santiago de compostella to Bilbao.
    Do you transport tandem bicycles? How much would shipping of two tandems cost and how much time would this take?
    Shipping would be around 13-14th of august.

    Best regards
    Arend Melissant

    1. Hello Arend,

      Sorry if it took long for us to answer. Please send this information with detailed addresses (where possible) to and we will attend you.

      Thanks for reading us!


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