Shipping to Canada: The Giant Country


Shipping to Canada is rare although Canada appears in many rankings of socio-demographic indicators as one of the most advanced countries in the world. It feels funny because we do not know too much about this country, as it lies in the shadow of the United States. It is an attractive destination for those seeking to complete their studies or resume his career. Read on if you want to know in detail all the information you need for your shipments to Canada.

Canada's economy has two key elements: an abundance of natural resources and highly diversified sector economy. However for its northern location, is a country with a very low population density. Think that despite being the second country of the world in size, it has far fewer inhabitants than Spain. This "feature" is the reason why Canada often needs skilled workers.

Shipments to Canada: personal effects

This is the most common case of shipments to Canada and if that's your case, congratulations. Despite the cold, it is certainly a good place to live. Perhaps it may interest you to know that we offer to Canada shipments of personal belongings. A shipment of personal effects is not moving, because they take care of packing or packaging everything and they transport furniture or appliances. Shipments of personal effects may be the most useful way to bring to Canada objects such as clothing, books or other material that you need once there. Destination customs may ask you prove you do not try to do an import (for what you'd pay special taxes) so the items in the shipment must be at least 6 months old. If you want to read more about the personal effects can do it here. In addition our team will provide documentation and assistance you may require in your shipments to Canada.

Exports to Canada

Another thing that may interest you to know about Canada is how to export your products there. Although it is already one of the largest exporters in the world thanks to its raw materials and its solid business structure, Canada is an attractive market in which it is not so difficult to enter because it has established business relations with many countries. It is the perfect place to sell quality products as you'll find trained and demaning consumers. Just do not forget that exporting to Canada means exporting outside the European Union. As always, at LA LUNA shipping® we will be at your side throughout all the logistics process, so it becomes easy, comfortable and safe.

Canada is a country that is worth (re)discovering. Its large size keeps many of their forests as uncharted lands. It also has the longest border in the world (which it shares with EE. UU.) Or has more lakes than no other country.

We are ready to make your shipments to Canada. Tell us your plans by writing to or calling to any of our offices. See you there!

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