Shipping Handbook: The Quotation Request

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infopresupuesto-blogOur customers always ask a lot of questions about handling a shipment that we have to answer. All this doubts are very common and we like to clear them, as we understand that our services are used very few times by individual customers.

So we decided to stand in front of our classroom blackboard (in this blog) and give you all the tips and recommendations to make your shipments an easy task. We want to give further information than the one that we offer in our website about FAQ. Today we start at the first step: Requesting a Quotation.

Requesting a quotation is the first step of any shipment, the one you have to do in order to send an envelope, a package or commodity. It is very important that all the information you give is complete and detailed. This will help us making an adjusted budget from the very beginning and managing a quicker pickup.

If you only write “I want to send a package from UK to Spain“, we will ask ourselves many questions before managing a budget, like: Where from? Where to? What if we pickup in the Isle of Skye? What if we deliver in Canary Islands? How heavy and big is the package? What does it contain? All of this information is required in order to give a budget, because it is not the same to send from or to and island or rural area instead of the capital.

The weight and size are critical to correctly calculate the price. It also will help us prevent you from sending too heavy or big packages and warn and recommend you the use of appropriate packaging.

The content must always be declared, there are dangerous goods that can’t be sent as they are prohibited or restricted by the laws in each country. If  any of these items is found during an inspection, the sender will be liable and heavy penalties can be imposed.

In brief, the basic information needed when requesting a shipping quotation must include:

  • Pickup and delivery Zip Codes
  • Number of packages
  • Each package weight
  • Packages’ sizes (lenght x width x height)

We will give more details and tips in the following posts to help you make your shipments easy.

Anyway, if you have any other doubt, you can contact us and we will answer with pleasure.



  • Ana Boscan says:

    I do have 2 luggage to be sent from Marbella, Spain to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    Each luggagge is about 30 kilos and mesurameent is 22x17x11.
    I am looking prices by shippment.
    ana boscan

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Greetings Ana,

      We don’t offer quotations on public in the website. We have replied to you via email.

      Thanks you for contacting us.

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